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Ideal armor thickness for a somewhat independent ship

Conttruction of the Battleship is going quite well, almost everything I wanted to have is there, just some more combat testing is needed.
Here is the armor layout at turret C
[Image: HfEWqkr.jpg]

I see that the few places where I have HA is kinda hard to see, HA is on both sides of the turret ring inner side, the turret top and turret main deck meetpoint

And here she is in glory
[Image: 82nWO4o.jpg]
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


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