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Ideal armor thickness for a somewhat independent ship

i'm interested in the stats on those 425mm AP shells.  

About that battleship armor, those vessels really don't come into their own until you get the compartment layout down.  on very big ships the armor system is as much related to the overall layout and structure of the hull and it's internal systems as it is to the outer layer.  At that point, the shear size of the vessel in relation to the shell is a form of armor unto itself because all the stuff you care about is proportionally a smaller target.

That said, I would consider thinning the bottom armor, and strengthening the deck.  

once you start considering the external armor + multiple layers of internal bulkheads, + HA reinforcement that's when they become scary.  The Thyr for example has only 2-3m belt armor in most places, but once the shields and LAMs come down it's still a tough nut to crack.
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