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Ideal armor thickness for a somewhat independent ship

i'll put a corollary to my previous armor post.  the only material I don't let be the last layer is HA, because in that case spalling frags have 80 AP and deal full damage to just about anything except more HA.  If i'm using HA in armor I usually back it with a layer of Alloy, which cuts the spall AP AND helps counter some of HA's excessive weight.

regarding shell lengths, 4-6m shells seem to be fairly popular for heavy guns and compound warheads are common with just about every combination viable depending on what you're trying to do. i've only seen larger than 6m shells on ships when they start mounting obscenely powerful railguns at which point they're generally solid-shot hollow-point shells with a few hundred thousand rail-draw behind them mixed with equally large disruptors. Of course the broken nature of shields and the stupidity of current rail-draw power scaling means these are pretty rare.
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