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Ideal armor thickness for a somewhat independent ship

Well, "overkill" seems to be the word here! XD For armor as much as guns...

Without shields, you might suffer badly from HESH or AP-based APS. On the other hand, a 33kT monster will take time to grind, even by the Mighty Thyr.

Speaking o' shields, high shells velocity increases probability of reflection; 1300m/s monster is a two-edged sword: most shells will bounce, but the on which pass will dig a hole deeper than Mariana Trench in the armor. How much is rate of fire, and how many guns/barrels will you fit? Sufficient overall RoF will reduce the issue. You can also mix some DC shells (like, every 4 shells) to get rid of shields and negate the issue.
-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob

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