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Ideal armor thickness for a somewhat independent ship

I have to second pastor's post here: you don't want to cheap out on the armor on a ship this big

regarding HESH/HEAT
-unless you're expecting stupid amounts of HEAT anything more than a 1m air gap tends to be overkill unless you're also using that space to float (in which case make sure to compartmentalize that armor section.)
HEAT just isn't good enough to add that many extra meters of width to the vessel especially since HEAT tends to get eaten by well-designed internal spaces anyway.

-HESH is a similar story.   HESH can be devastating, but it suffers almost as much as kinetics against shields which means it's not necessarily optimal to devote a whole layer to spall liners.  Against HESH, LAMs and Shields are your first defense while your armor should be there to take hits shields can't stop (missiles) or that are devastating once the shields drop (HE, Kinetics, Frag).  remember, there are two ways to counter HESH spall AP.  you can limit the spalling itself OR you can strengthen the next layer it hits. Instead of [metal][metal][wood][gap][metal] I would instead make [metal][metal][gap][metal][metal].  does it take more damage from HESH frags? yes, BUT it resists everything else better AND still resists the frags well.  remember, full damage is applied when AP is twice the AC both AP reduction and AC increase are viable methods of countering HESH. 
-another good counter to HESH is low-power, internal shields inside the armor airgap, this again allows you to get the full value of that inner armor layer and reduces spall damage better than using a low AC backing material.
-Finally, another way to potentially stop HESH, is to have a more, or less, completely solid vessel where you expect HESH to be a problem.  This completely eliminates frag spawn from the equation a strategy that works well against HEAT as well.
-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.

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