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Ideal armor thickness for a somewhat independent ship

That's a large hull. It would be silly to go cheap on something that large. You could put quite a bit of armor on that without major problems. Something like this:

(Shields) [Metal Beam] [Metal Beam] [HA Beam] [Alloy Beam] is pretty decent medium-large or larger ship armor for an all-a-round sort of ship.

You can cheap out a bit if you only use HA beams where shots hit (waterline-ish) and where important stuff is, like turrets, ammo, AI, engines, etc. I'd also put an air-gap inside and another layer of metal to make turret wells to eat up HEAT/HESH spaghetti. In the campaign, a bottom of Metal+Alloy is plenty. Maybe do double metal under turrets and important stuff. A deck of Wood beams over Metal beams is generally fine. You could use the new metal+wood reinforced decking if you want, but I'd still rather use two layers on a hull as large as that.

Don't forget to wrap the in-hull part of turrets in armor too. Since turrets tend to face enemies, use HA beams in the front, Metal or Alloy in the back for turret wrapping. Also ensure there's no voids inside a turret because, should the turret armor get hit, HESH/HEAT can spawn in the air-gap and boop the whole turret. Just fill air-gaps with wood blocks if you can't tetris anything good in there.

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