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Does small caliber APS matters? The Decanus-class frigate.

After finishing my two corvettes, it was natural to advance to a frigate-class unit. Actually, I was aiming at a light frigate, someting within 75 to 100k cost. Finally, it's almost hitting 120k and cannot be called "light" anymore. Let me introduce the Decanus-class:

[Image: 4B4A59EF9C0EE722F88E5067B9DA693E2B0F6DF1]

It re-uses mainly the turrets from Evocati-class turrets, all beltfed-based and improved with additional ammo inputs. The main guns are 250mm, and fire at a sustained rate of 120rpm. No pause or anything, they fire continuously. AA and CIWS is a dual 200mm time-fused Flak gun on the aft, firing at 240 rpm (not sustained, though, but you will barely notice it). Armament is completed by 4 quadruple missile launchers, vertically mounted in front of bridge, and 2 dual ASROC launchers on the sides. With 19500 HE power damage each, those ones pack some punch for ASW or anti-ship...

[Image: F08654F3CDA8CED36C2E1D3F22A51B97B45ECAF9]

[Image: 905A4008C2F2342B81375D378C4E829A01827C0D]

Armor is quite simple: 1m metal, 1m gap, 1m metal. LAMS can handle a few volley of CRAM shells and is pretty efficient against APS shells.  I used the same trick as Evocati-class to turn off shields on the opposite side of main target, wich allows me to fit a dual layer of strength-6 shields along the side! It remains a bit fragile, though, and can hardly handle big APS hitters or spamguns of hell.

[Image: 60279664511458058F18B75BD7A935B1CC8D3288]

[Image: 2C98A1F23565B4162986ED032A3B68354818B638]

Inside is fully walkable and features some details on the bridge or in the Central Ops. Wellbeing of the crew is also important...

Combat-wise, I'm quite happy: it can deal with much more expensive designs, such as Apshodel, Bayonet, or Alcazar. It can even defeat the Leroy Jenkins from Awellner! Expect some damage, though... Those 250mm HESH shells are small enough not to be intercepted by LAMS, but still caryy enough power to damage armors. The 240rpm sustained RoF allows to reliably pass some projectiles through shields, even dual-layered, and deal signicifant damage.

[Image: 804F53F98A518B541D152B3C3C8A1BC867818342]

So, the usual figures thing:

length: 84m
Displacement: 3527 T
Blocks: 4932
Volume: 10246
Cost: 119852
Power: 22800 HP, 350ppf @ max rate
Max speed: 20m/s

-2 single 250mm guns, HESH shells, 367m/s, 120rpm
-1 dual 200mm gun, Flak time-fused shells, 468m/s, 240rpm
-4 quadrule missile launchers, radar guided, HE heads
-2 dual ASROCs launchers

dual-layers 6-strength shield, automatically switching side depending on target bearing
IR/radar decoys for missiles
Sonar decoys for torpedoes
Anti-laser smoke dispensers
Small-sized strategic antenna
Adaptative power management to assign battery charge according to available power (for laser absorb shields mode)

Accelerate/decelerate: U/J
Steer Port/Stbd: H/K
switch shields on in reflect/laser absorb mode: G/T

Edit:I'd like to give some credit to Dinocraft6489 for the suggestion to remove inertial fuse on my main guns shells and replace with HE warhead body; it indeed increases firepower quite a lot and makes those "small" caliber guns quite effective.

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-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob

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