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APS problem firing from script

I have been working on a simple anti-missile cannon controller, and have run into an issue when trying to fire the cannon from the script. I am using I:FireWeaponOnSubConstruct() in Update, and the cannon does something odd. It seems to fire, making the sound, particle effect, and even uses shells in the mouse hover info, but does not spawn projectiles. If I disable the script and take manual control, it fires normally, but with script control it looks like it's firing blanks.

Edit: Fixed it. Normalized the vector used to aim the weapon and it works. The help section for I:FireWeaponOnSubConstruct() says you dont have to normalize it, but I think it was causing it to fail some check or something. Dont know, I'm still new to this.

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APS problem firing from script - by SgtToothpaste - 2019-01-09, 09:48 AM
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