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Starter Ship Scrimmage 6 - Cleveland Steamers [Finished]

Cleveland Steamers
This tournament will have a significantly larger budget than previous starter ship scrimmage tournaments, and few restrictions. The main restriction is that you are only allowed to use steam power, and only steam propellers are allowed for propulsion. All weapon types will be allowed with some restrictions. A $20 steam gift card will be awarded to the entry that comes in first place.

-The rules are mostly final, but some small changes may happen before the start of the tournament.

•100k Max materials
•Single vehicle only
a spawn stick is allowed
•Your entry must be able to significantly damage itself in a mirror match (more than 10% health in 2 minutes)

•All weapon types are allowed, as long as they conform to the restrictions below
•EMP PACs are banned (other damage types are okay)
•Must be mounted on a turret that can rotate at least 170 degrees
•Grav rams are banned
•Sabot is banned (heads and bodies)
•Railgun casings are banned
•Keep your fire rate reasonable, if your designs triggers shell despawn, it will be disqualified
Simple Weapons
•Rams on sub-constructs are banned (must be fixed to the hull)
•Magnets are banned
•Nukes are banned

•Repair tentacles are banned
•Docking Stations are banned
•Maximum of 6 shield generators per entry
•Shields cannot overlap

•Steam engines only!
•No fuel engines or RTGs
•Steam-electric engines are allowed

•Your ship can only travel forwards (reversing is not allowed)
•Must be capable of moving 10 m/s (doesn't have to move that fast in battle)
•Steam propellers are the only allowed propulsion
•Propellers must be fixed facing backwards (the normal orientation)
•Everything on the air tab is banned
•Everything except air pumps, rudders and hydrofoils on the water tab is banned
•Rudders must be placed vertically (no pseudo-hydrofoils)
•Turning must be smooth (no glitch-twitching)

Spin Blocks
•Spin blocks cannot be used to avoid game mechanics(clipping, avoiding drag, avoiding line-of-sight for detectors. shields projecting through other shields, etc.)
•No excessive clipping (using spin blocks to compress multiple blocks into each other)
•No shields on subconstructs
•Turrets and spin blocks with weapons mounted on them must be vertical (the normal turret orientation)

•Ammo must be inside the hull (don't put it on the end of a stick)
•Centralized resource system will be used (no need for raw-resource crates)
•Each entry will start with 25k materials (They can be used for repairs, ammo refining, or in steam engines)

AI settings
•10 second no-fire at the start of the match to allow for steam engines to power up
•No Lua (Missiles or AI)
•Max range of 1.5 km (your entry should stay within this distance of the enemy most of the time)
•Minimum altitude of 10m below sea level
•Max altitude of 10m above sea level
•Detection equipment is not required (automatic detection set to 1.00)

•No excessive clipping (using spin blocks to compress multiple blocks into each other)
•No blueprint file text-editing
•If unsure as to whether you're doing something cheaty, you probably are, and should scale it back

•Does *not* have to resemble a real life vehicle (can be fantasy, futuristic, ect.)
•Does have to be a ship of some kind (Not a submarine, Not a floating building, Not some other physics abomination)
•The ship's hull must be at least 4 times longer than it is wide
•Armor and weapons should be mostly symmetric on the left and right sides of the ship (doesn't have to be a mirror image, the same amount of guns and armor on each side will do 
•Tiebreakers will be decided by aesthetics (best looking ship wins!)

Match Spawning
We're now using w0otness's Tournament Mod: 
With a special thanks to An Ickle for updating it to 2.2
•Resource limited vehicle designer (centralized resources, fixed starting amount)
•download and test your entry on the tournament map!
•Map available here:
.zip (Size: 304.41 KB / Downloads: 75)

•This is a new map called the "Battle Bowl." It is a round lake 6km in diameter with a bottom that gently rises from 100m depth in the middle to 0m depth at the shore.
•Entries will be spawned in the middle of the lake at 1000 m distance, sea level, facing towards the enemy
Settings>Environment Tab>Fixed Weather 0.05 and Wave Factor 1.0 (There will be waves!)

Victory Conditions
•Winner decided by % health remaining after 5 minutes
•If there is less than 5% difference in health after 5 minutes, the best looking vehicle wins (my judgement).
•Vehicles going out of bounds for more than 20 seconds will be destroyed (This timer does NOT reset)

This tournament is over, thanks to everyone who participated.

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