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Thermobaric/fuel-air explosions

So i was thinking of a way to include Thermobaric-esc explosives in ftd, and i came up with the idea of starting with a small explosion, probably no more than 500 damage, then having a gas fill any air gaps it can reach, then having the gas explode similarly to ammo boxes. it would probably be best for aps or maybe missiles to use them, and i thought that maybe, at least for aps, thermobaric charges should be similar to the secondary shaped charge module, to make it easier for the shell to pierce through the outer armour and damage internals by allowing ap heads to be put in front.

i realise that the process i described isn't quite realistic, but i figured that it would work well with the ftd physics. i also suspect that this could be quite lag inducing, and i'm sure that there are many ways to improve the concept, so feel free to critique or add to the idea in the replies

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Thermobaric/fuel-air explosions - by Alexedra - 2019-01-01, 01:22 PM
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