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Making The Game Harder on Yourself

Looking at these, I'm thinking of a few possible others. Mostly progression options.

As it is right now, my profile has a level in the higher hundreds, but for my next campaign playthrough I might scrap all those points away from buffs, and only give myself one back per victory over enemy forces or destroyed goddly battleships or other superdesigns. Sort of being weapons research, battlefield monitoring of enemies, ...

A little change I will make - capturing is allowed, scrapping the captured vehicles for resources is not. It's simply to cheeky, and quite unbalanced. Retrofitting them into your own stuff is permissible though. (modified traitor vessels)

Aircraft tile range limits will certainly encourage forward airbases! I'm wondering how to do these now. Perhaps a single tile can be flown for 750 blocks, meaning crossing one tile plus return journey requires a jet of 1500 blocks upward, meaning small fighters MUST opperate from cariers. I can see this giving a use for heavy fighters positioned at choke points too.

I need to start building a set of gantries now! This would also encourage development of small sets of light bombers and smaller variations, since the big guns will be for much later than normal.

We need to keep things interesting for ourselves at upwards of 1500+ hours played don't we Smile
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