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Help using certain Debug skills (impact, explosion, EMP)

I'm sure I've used them before, and Death Ray or Repair work fine. But I'm having trouble with the Impact, Explosion, and EMP abilities.

When Impact or EMP is selected, a line of text appears stating "___ damage: 0" and pressing the melee attack button ("ItemSecondary" which I have bound to Mouse3) causes this number to increase a small amount and then rapidly decrement into the negative, continuing as long as it's held down. Clicking the primary attack button ("ItemPrimary" on left mouse, which uses Death Ray or Repair) does nothing unless I manage to get the number positive by a large number of extremely brief clicks of ItemSecondary. It's awkward but after doing so these finally cause damage. I don't remember it being so hard to set the amount of damage dealt, though!

For the explosion skill, ItemSecondary gives me a menu with settings. But even though these settings appear to be reasonable, clicking the primary button never seems to do anything. The sphere of red dots don't appear and no damage is dealt.

I'm on the current non-devtest version (, looks like it got updated again) and tested these things just now as I wrote this.

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