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Morning's Engine Platform

Good evening and welcome!

I'm new to this game and, of course, I was a bit overwhelmed by fuel engine mechanics at first. After watching a short tuto I worked on those things for a while and before I knew it I had quite a collection of pipe mazes. I took a look at Guaibee's and KuramaFox's platforms to see how far I was from the state of the art and how many wheels I reinvented, but it turned out most of my designs don't have anything to be ashamed of and some don't even have a clear competition, so I figured it would be worth sharing.

In all my designs I followed a down-top approach, which naturally leads to scalability (i.e. they are all extendable)
I noticed that, aside from a few exceptions, current T3+ designs are quite huge. Maybe small sizes are harder to work on or are they overlooked? I don't know. My designs start at 3x3 and then scale up if there is a gain from doing so.
Even though 3x3 engines have admittedly bad performance compared to anything 5x5 or larger, I'll keep trying to compact them. An engine has to fit the ship, after all; it's not like we have a choice. We could simply use bigger ships, of course, but I want to believe that even small assets can make for great adventures

Navigating the platform

The blueprint is a relatively standard RTG-powered/shield-depowered fortress, with engines spread around and sorted and tiered by amount of turbos per carburettor (e.g. T3 -> 3 turbos)
Piping is color coded, with cylinder gas collection as blue-ish (color #23), turbo snake as yellow-ish (color #22), and the final exhaust exit as green. Those colors are close to the default ones and shouldnt hurt your eyes if prefabbed onto other ships using default colors.
Each tier is color coded, from T0 as black to T5 as green, though I don't have much below T2 as of now

Notable engines

Small engines - best in class due to lack of competition and likely optimal because of  limited possibilities given the size:
T3 3x3 "Baguette" - PPBB 12.8-13.3
T4 3x3 "Horizon" - PPBB 7.06-7.4
T4 3x4 unnamed - PPBB 6.25-6.66
T5 3x4 "Aurora" - PPBB 2.77
T5 3x6 "Mirage" - PPBB 3.54-3.7

Larger engines, most of which best in class in some way:

T2 5x5 "The Screw" - PPBB 22.4-25.6
While nothing new PPBB-wise, its innovative piping allows for insane gas collection which makes it suitable for low RPM needs

T3 3x5 "Sandwich" - PPBB 15.1-16
A state of the art T3 which turned out to be comparable to the Foxtrot engine but at half the size (edit: I confused Foxtrot with Saturn, my bad)

T4 3x6 "The Embrace" - PPBB 8.08-8.88
A state of the art T4 engine with beautiful piping

T4 5x6 "Aegis" - PPBB 8.88

T4 "Deus Ex Machina" - PPBB up to 13.33
Three-way extendable, super high power density

T5 6x6 "Turbox" - PPBB 4.04-4.44
A state of the art T5 engine, derived from The Embrace, with a groundbreaking PPBB and somehow still a lot of free space inside for whatever

lots of very good small-size T3-T4-T5 engines

Attached Files
.blueprint   Engine Resort.blueprint (Size: 557.81 KB / Downloads: 77)

- cleaned up the place a bit. obsolete designs moved to a museum area
- improved T5 tree
- added alternate end segments to engines with alternating segments
- split the T4 Horizon's segment in two
- added a variant of T3 Sandwich with a non-alternating segment
- new T2 3x3 engine Slalom II, like Slalom but with a small headstart
- new T4 3x4 engine, unnamed
- new T4 4x5 engine, "Tango"
- new T4 5x5 engine, "Twistewrbo IV-A"
- new T5 5x5 engine, "Twistewrbo V"

The new Twistewrbo series is awful but it fills the 5x5 gap and has interesting length flexibility. I'm a bit too tired to try to optimize the start and end segments so feel free to try
The awful name reflects the engine itself

The 3x4 T4 engine is quite average but it has tremendous tiling potential. I wouldn't be surprised if a proper tiling reached ~12 PPBB. The 4x5 T4 engine is based on it of course, and seems promising for T5 conversion, though clearly not as straightforward as for Embrace -> Turbox.

While working on the 4x5 T4, I encountered the dreaded offline turbo bug that plagued some engine from KuramaFox. I did some testing to pinpoint the issue; it turns out turbos have a third cylinder mount point, which fortunately is consistent across all 4 turbos. I put a small demo of the bug in the museum area.

I tried, and failed, to make 3x5, 5x5 and 5x7 T4 engines with PPBB similar to The Embrace. I think those can't be done without a 20% PPBB loss due to impossibility to fit the core PPBB shortcut, even by diagonally offsetting half the thing. For 5x6 I believe KuramaFox's Olympus is already optimal so no point going for it except to try for a better piping.
Similarly, I tried T5 engines and failed for the same reason. For 5x7, I guess KuramaFox's Turbinator II is optimal.

- two-way extendable 3xYxZ T2 engine
- three-way extendable T2 engine
- 3x6 T5 engine
- 3x6 T4, single-generator (or twin, not sure yet) engine

What on earth do you mean by "tier"?

"tier" is the amount of turbos per carburettor

I'll have to re-word things a bit to avoid confusion I guess

- added two small T1 engines (3x3 and 3x5)
- added two small T0 engines
- new T5 3x4 engine, "Aurora"
- new T5 3x6 engine, "Mirage"
- new T4 5x6 engine, "Aegis"
- new T4 5x7 engine, "Kunlun"


Kunlun is my first attempt at stacking Tango / Embrace engines. Its layout can not be stacked further except in stairs (which is bad) or vertically (which is basically KuramaFox's Everest), however it is quite efficient so it was worth keeping it as is. So efficient actually that it is one of the most compact (fully gased) T4 engines at a size of 5x6x7.

The Olympus has been beaten by Aegis

- improved museum area
- new two-way extendable T2 engine, "Drift"
- new three-way extendable T2 engine, "Gymkhana"
- new three-way extendable T4 engine, "Deus Ex"


The two T2 engines are not very good but I was getting really tired trying to maximize PPBB of start and end segments and I wanted those out of the experiments area. I might try to improve them later on

The T4 engine is my second attempt at stacking Tango engines. Likely the last also since it is optimal with its PPBB comparable to that of my other engines for the same size, and infinite-size PPBB of 13.33 - beating my previous estimate of ~12PPBB attainable.
The name Deus Ex felt suitable given the performance and the peculiar look of the right side
The only issue here is that I used one of the Tango layouts that are broken by the offline turbo bug, therefore this engine is currently in limbo and is only a little bit more than a waste of space unless the bug gets fixed. However a few other layouts would be viable, which means the PPBB is actually attainable with a working engine. I didn't go for those layouts because they would make for even bigger segments (MUCH bigger) and it was painful enough with this 6x4x5 one already (which was originally supposed to be 3x4x5)

Looking back at history,

(2018-06-22, 06:41 PM)KuramaFox Wrote: This gives an impossible-to-actually-make limit of a 5 PPBB T5 engine or a 10 PPBB T4 engine.
Now that you know it is possible, you know what you have to do. I'm counting on you!

- renamed Deus Ex to Deus Ex Machina
- added an alternate top part to Deus Ex Machina

This will be my last update for FtD v. 2.3

The offline turbo bug was fixed! Thank you, Nick.
It seems the fix isnt in the last 2.3 build in the steam beta thingy, sadly, so it's only for 2.4+
As such, and because there seems to be a backward incompatibility from 2.4 to 2.3, I'll keep the old 2.3 file around.
I didnt remove the red signs on the engines affected by the bug in the 2.3 file, but if you use them in 2.4 they'll be fine.

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