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Morning's Engine Platform

Good evening and welcome!

I'm new to this game and, of course, I was a bit overwhelmed by fuel engine mechanics at first. After watching a short tuto I worked on those things for a while and before I knew it I had quite a collection of pipe mazes. I took a look at Guaibee's and KuramaFox's platforms to see how far I was from the state of the art and how many wheels I reinvented, but it turned out most of my designs don't have anything to be ashamed of and some don't even have a clear competition, so I figured it would be worth sharing.

In all my designs I followed a down-top approach, which naturally leads to scalability (i.e. they are all extendable)
I noticed that, aside from a few exceptions, current T3+ designs are quite huge. Maybe small sizes are harder to work on or are they overlooked? I don't know. My designs start at 3x3 and then scale up if there is a gain from doing so.
Even though 3x3 engines have admittedly bad performance compared to anything 5x5 or larger, I'll keep trying to compact them. An engine has to fit the ship, after all; it's not like we have a choice. We could simply use bigger ships, of course, but I want to believe that even small assets can make for great adventures

Navigating the platform

The blueprint is a relatively standard RTG-powered/shield-depowered fortress, with engines spread around and sorted and tiered by amount of turbos per carburettor (e.g. T3 -> 3 turbos)
Piping is color coded, with cylinder gas collection as blue-ish (color #23), turbo snake as yellow-ish (color #22), and the final exhaust exit as green. Those colors are close to the default ones and shouldnt hurt your eyes if prefabbed onto other ships using default colors.
Each tier is color coded, from T0 as black to T5 as green, though I don't have much below T2 as of now

Notable engines

Small engines - best in class due to lack of competition and likely optimal because of  limited possibilities given the size:
T3 3x3 "Baguette" - PPBB 12.8-13.3
T4 3x3 "Horizon" - PPBB 7.06-7.4
T4 3x4 unnamed - PPBB 6.25-6.66
T5 3x4 "Aurora" - PPBB 2.77
T5 3x6 "Mirage" - PPBB 3.54-3.7

Larger engines, most of which best in class in some way:

T2 5x5 "The Screw" - PPBB 22.4-25.6
While nothing new PPBB-wise, its innovative piping allows for insane gas collection which makes it suitable for low RPM needs

T3 3x5 "Sandwich" - PPBB 15.1-16
A state of the art T3 which turned out to be comparable to the Foxtrot engine but at half the size (edit: I confused Foxtrot with Saturn, my bad)

T4 3x6 "The Embrace" - PPBB 8.08-8.88
A state of the art T4 engine with beautiful piping

T4 5x6 "Aegis" - PPBB 8.88

T4 "Deus Ex Machina" - PPBB up to 13.33
Three-way extendable, super high power density

T5 6x6 "Turbox" - PPBB 4.04-4.44
A state of the art T5 engine, derived from The Embrace, with a groundbreaking PPBB and somehow still a lot of free space inside for whatever

lots of very good small-size T3-T4-T5 engines

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