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[5x5x13]pwr12748|ppf326@100%[1turbo per carburetor]

[Image: q8zOB24.png]
----------------------------------configuration information
Hottest cylinders are shown above at 28 degree, connecting with 4 carburetor.
Each cylinder may connects to 2(at two ends), 3(common) or 4 carburetor. 
Each carburetor connects to exactly one turbocharger
About 1/3 of the turbocharger gets 97 to 172 exhausts, 2/3 of the turbocharger gets 174 exhausts, which means maximum 3.93 efficiency buff will be enjoyed by all turbo when RPM is over 30%.
Maximum Power = 12748
Size       5x5x13 = 325 
Cost                  =1138.75
Calculated PPBB = 39.22
Efficiency @100 = 326 ppf
Actual efficiency tested
[Image: hnAvIZN.png]
seems 20% mark is the lowest rpm to be relative efficient.
So far my best attempt pushing the limit of power density on single turbo engine at acceptable fuel efficiency.

Engine should be scalable in length. let me know if there is any other popular dimension.

Not sure what engine would I to do next. I may try some 9x10 cross section with the same 1 turbo standard. a bundle of 4 parallel engine. ppbb expected to be around 45. But engine like this is sensitive to damage to the pipes that results in exhaust leak, which make turbo less effective and cylinder overheat easily under high fuel consumption. 
Also not sure about the combination of carburetor or injector since turbo only decrease the fuel consumption of the attached carburetor so the efficiency wise may not be good.
Feels like there is not much incentive for efficiency especially additional turbo and piping makes PPB lower. I might need to spent more time in champaign than designer.
Let me know if any existing design out there that is superior in every way.

I hope turbo can increase some power density as air is compressed to be higher in density.
*edit1 12/22: add blueprint

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