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Pseudo-Pre Dreadnought [Discussion[

I think if you just allow a total amount of components per turrets it should limit peoples to construct a 1 super powerfull turrets, or maybe just give a total amount of firing components for your entire ship. I don't think we must limit the gauge size for the main guns, maybe only for the secondaries. 100k seems fine to build a decent ship without beeing to big. It's the perfect size between a a destroyer and a battleship. Don't forget that each steam propellers cost 3k to 5k material. I found the prefab steam engine a littler bit too restrictive. Maybe just allow whatever steam engine we can built, efficient or inefficient, or maybe give a rule to follow: 2boilers/steam piston or something like that. That way, we have a little bit more creativity to create whatever pre-dreadnough we want to build. But the concept is very intersting and I really want this tournment to work. Just give a little bit more creativity to how many turrets and propellers we can place to have interesting and differents ship. Otherwise, every ship will look the same. This tournament should be really fun, you can look at the rules of the SC LC or BB tournament rules of Harnas, it can be a good starting point. Sorry for me english.

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RE: Pseudo-Pre Dreadnought [Discussion[ - by Armenor - 2018-12-23, 08:09 PM

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