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Destroyer - "Frost"

This destroyer is the culmination of all that I have learned over the past few months. Which may not actually be much, but still...

The Frost costs about 50k and goes around 20m/s. It has active stabilization and floats via downwards-facing propellers. 
It has 2 turrets of double-barreled APS 174mm ~30 rounds/minute timed fuse frag shells.
It also has LAMS that I'm not to sure about.

Also has:
-Two layers of metal on hull
-HA around AI and ammo
-Two different ammo stores
-Anti-laser smoke and shields
-Strength 5 shields covering most of ship

Edit: Upon further testing, it appears the LAMS suck up all the engine power when they fire. I attempted to make it not do that by control blocks near the battery, but it appears not to be working. If someone could fix it that would be great.

Also I'm not sure about the camo. Is it terrible, needs improvement, or good the way it is?

[Image: 5nneMoi.jpg]
[Image: 528itSU.jpg]
[Image: CEmMi8L.jpg]

Any critique is welcome!

Attached Files
.blueprint   Frost.blueprint (Size: 151.6 KB / Downloads: 15)

I had a look at this and I sense a few issues with this LAMS. First: batteries are not needed for LAMS, it only charges up the cavities. Second: there is noway to "stop" the recharge of the cavities, they will use power as long as they are not full. Third: the number and typ of pump determine the amount of power needed for the charge; the more pumps, the faster LAMS recovers its max damage output (drops when firing as it depletes cavity) but the bigger engine you need. Your destroyer need 6000 power for LAMS alone, so yeah, you'll deplete available power in no time.

I must say I like the many redundancies you put in this design: everything is doubled (engine, ammo storage, main guns) to reduce the outcome of a damage. The issue is that the ship is quite small, so it's hard to accommodate sufficient power inside. I must say also that I'm not fond of downward-facing props for floatation, but that's a matter of taste and I undestand that it's hard to do otherwise if you want 2m hull thickness.

For the cammo, yeah, i kinda like it, I just think you could have put a line (like, red or black) between blue underwater hull part and above water part. Same, just a matter of taste...
-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob

Batteries are helpful as a buffer for when you do run out of engine power because LAMS pulls so much. It's not that they're "needed" but if you want to maneuver or reload while LAMS are actively charging you'll want a battery bank rather than overbuilding your engine.

I haven't taken a look under the hood but aesthetically it looks pretty nice and I like that you got creative with props to make the thing float.

the cammo's not really bad, per-se, it's just that cammo patterns don't really work with how the game does paint.  like the color palet is fine but the way blocks kinda force the shape is what kills it.
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Thanks for the critique.

Any advice on how to cut back on LAM energy usage while still maintaining a decent destructive power?

Actually you can't suspend the LAMS from charging, you can only adjust the number of pumps to match available power. Laser destructive power depends on cavities charge level, and more pumps means faster charge. My only advice would be to increase engine power so that you can sustain the needs of laser pumps, but that's tricky on small designs.
-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob

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