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Ship Build

Calling all skilled shipbuilders! I am looking for somebody to build me a WW2-era battleship. CAS Sea Wolf, as she'll be called, is essentially a modernized version of the L 20e α class battleship. She is to be 240m long, 35m wide, and have a draught of 11m. She is to have a top speed of 13 m/s, be powered by both fuel and steam engines, and mount 3 large propellers. Armament is to be 8 15in guns, 16 5in DP guns, assorted light AA and 4 CIWS mountings. Armament layout is that of HMS Vanguard, and as such Turret 3 is to be moved aft to take a standard superfiring position forward of Turret 4. The superstructure is to be of a similar design to that of the Bismarck class, but I wouldn't mind if it more closely resembled that of the Littorio class BB's. Armor is to be good enough to stand up to battle with Steel Strider BB's, and the deck armor must be sufficient to withstand bombs, missiles and plunging fire. Shielding is to be kept to a minimum, with the shields preferably in front of the main turrets and abreast the superstructure. Compartmentalization is to be good, with multiple internal watertight compartments, alongside an anti-torpedo bulkhead. She also needs capacity for 2 of these: 
L 20e  α class plans:

Oh, and paint needs to be black and red splinter camo, black being the main color, red the secondary.

Thanks for at least looking,
Haldon Blackblade

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