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Strange Map Issues??

My apologies if I have missed some documentation somewhere covering this, but I'm having an extremely annoying issue with the Tactical Map ("E"), Strategic Map ("M"), and Free Cam. Sometimes it works fine, exactly how I would expect it to work, Press E or M from Free Cam and you go into the respective map mode directly above where your camera was. Then when you zoom far enough, you switch to the appropriate map mode in the same place, and pressing the key again brings you into Free Cam in the center of where you're looking. This is great, because my playstyle completely ignores the Character (I haven't even moved him off the starting fortress yet) and just plays the game like an RTS. I can take advantage of the faster scroll speeds of the more zoomed out map modes, effectively control multiple fleets, etc...

Now the issue. Sometimes, and I mean 50% of the time or more, my camera will get "stuck" somewhere, usually the bottom left corner of the map, but sometimes my character or other corners of the map. I can move around normally, but whenever I switch modes (Strategic to Tactical to Free) my camera gets reset back to that point. In addition, my drag-selection (and really whenever I hold down the mouse button) my mouse will teleport in the direction of where my camera is "stuck". Not my camera, just the mouse, making it very hard to move air units at altitude or select only certain units in a formation. I can sometimes fix it by double-clicking on a unit to focus my camera on it, that will give me back control in about 1/4 times, but usually I just get frustrated and shut the game down for a while.

I hope I'm just doing something wrong or am missing a setting somewhere, because i really love the building aspect of this game, and am actually quite engaged by the campaign in general, except for this.

Thanks for all your help in advance! (and sorry for the wall of text)

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