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Anyone think missile are expensive?

So ummm.
Controller: 100
IFF: 100
Staggered fire: 100
Small launcher: 800
Medium launcher: 600
Medium Rail launcher: 800
Large launcher: 2400
Large rail launcher: 3200
Small gantry: 200
medium gantry: 200
Large gantry: 800

Comapred to the following:
RTG: 375
Fuel: 100
AI mainframe: 100
Card slot: 10
Cards: 35
Particle cannon: 3000
particle tubes: 30

Literally NOTHING but RTG cost as much as missiles. 2 moderate length medium missile cost as much as one of my lighter tanks. I can assure you for the same cost, i can make a better APS.  PAC is expensive but the tubes are cheap ,so you can make a powerful weapon without getting too expensive although it's expensive to have more than one PAC.
Missiles? It's expensive to have multiple. So make it up with making each missile stronger? Equally as expensive.
Why is it in the hundreds and thousands?! Literally nothing else in game cost this much. Missiles are stronger than before but it's ammo consumption is A LOT more. You either make your craft explody or have at most a few weak missiles. Alternatively, you use processors which cost you more materials in addition to the thousands that you spend on a few tiny missile.
I don't think this cost is justified.
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Counterpoint: You're buying an extremely compact, reliable, versatile, spammable and hard-hitting weapon, whose ammo can be reconfigured on the fly to hit the most evasive flyers or bust the hardest hulls. Of course it's going to be expensive.

(2018-12-07, 10:35 PM)PualWall Wrote: Counterpoint: You're buying an extremely compact, reliable, versatile, spammable and hard-hitting weapon, whose ammo can be reconfigured on the fly to hit the most evasive flyers or bust the hardest hulls.  Of course it's going to be expensive.

Spammable? Not anymore. With the ammo cost, reload time and materials required it is hardly spammable, unless you are playing in designer. As for hard hitting, I guess, but so are any other weapon tbh. A rapidly firing APS are similarly devastating. A pendepth CRAM does a lot of damage too and are accurate as hell.
Missiles are still as easily as intercepted as before, and I still find guns way better at evasive targets. Missile's only true advantage is accuracy at long range. The difference is now they actually deal damage when used in small numbers. Where as before, you have to spam them to be useful. But even in small numbers they are very expensive, when a I can have several APS that can do similar capabilities.
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

If you are finding guns are better at evasive targets something is seriously wrong with your missiles.
Allr andask.

Coming from a tournament participant stand point, missiles are very much competitive vs APS even in competitions that do not allow shields. We are discussing an environment where everyone is trying to build ultra-efficiently and use every advantage of the allowed systems.

Having said that
- soft kill countermeasures are probably too powerful, so missile effectiveness highly depend on their presence
- magnets are too powerful because they counter the above, although not suitable for all scenarios (FF risk)
- true dumb fire missiles could be cheaper

Overall I like new missiles in they less spammy, powerful incarnation.
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OP, you didn't even inclue the worst offenders
LUA transceiver: 2000
GPP: 200

To answer the key question though, with the exception of the above, I don't think missiles are too expensive, they are now very powerful and once the passive counters get worked out i think they'll fit in fine with all the other cool systems we have.
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I also think they are too expensive.

As of right now, I hate the update. That being said, I hated the CRAM update and Advanced Cannon update, but now I love the those weapon systems.

It'll just take time to get used to the updates and use them to the fullest.

AI mainframe cost 400 material now...not just 100. GPP card also increased thier cost to 200.

really expensive. OAQ

While I really like the new missiles system, i think the components are indeed too expensive. They tend to break balance for small crafts between APS/CRAM and missiles, especially in campaign. We have to keep in mind also that missiles by themselves are expensive in terms of ammo (which is OK, I think, a missile is much more complex than a shell, even a big one).

I was checking my old vessels for some update of their missiles; my old Munifex corvette was fitted with 2 quadruple missile launchers and 2 quad topredoes launchers (so 16 projectiles) , for a cost of 26k. After replacing all thos ones with small launchers (that is, 4 medium sized launchers became one small size), price is still 34k for the same amount of projectiles fired. Okay, firepower increased a bit, but my feeling is current situation kills missiles-based designs for early campaign.
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I'm salty that my nice cost-efficient 10k hovercraft that has 8 missiles (only 3m long) doubled in price to 20k. Why???

It was my favorite creation because of how low the cost was Sad

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