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FTD as a MMO PVP Arena Type Game

(2018-12-08, 06:27 PM)PualWall Wrote: Sorry, Robocraft.

They got rid of tiers a while back, it has almost the same system as Crossout now.

(2018-12-08, 08:42 PM)Dominolan Wrote:
(2018-12-08, 06:27 PM)PualWall Wrote: Sorry, Robocraft.

They got rid of tiers a while back, it has almost the same system as Crossout now.

True, but enough anger was directed at them to bring Tiers back. This was very recent - they brought tiers back about a few weeks ago.

Right now, Robocraft is a bit of a mess. I keep advocating to try to implement FtD's systems, especially custom cannons.

At the moment, FTD is far to unbalanced and exploitable for this to work. There's a reason every tournament needs so many rules. The game would be totally dominated by spazzy, exploit-powered cancercraft. Even if the worst exploits are fixed, we still have all kinds of other issues, like the fact that conventional, surface going ships are massively inferior to pretty much everything else.

Without a massive overhaul of everything, a game like this would be dominated by copy-paste exploitmobiles, and would generally just suck.
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As amazing idea it is in theory for some people (not for me though, i like SP games more or games that dont try hard to be competitive) FTD would have to be somewhat different game and it would lose its main selling point of complex and open designing aspects.

That is if we ignore how performance in FTD is crappy for any complex fights, so if we say that Unity engine somehow gets gut in that department then we could theorize how it would look like.... and most likely most combat would be a curb stomping experience and everything would have to be limited or some weapon systems would have to be outright removed from the game.

Player to Player combat would need to change too, if not removed altogether and transforming the player to just a camera in the skies. Because atm you 4 shot somebody with minigun.... MINIGUN ?! Avatars have no resistance to any damage and the crappy oily screen makes it even worse !.

(2018-12-08, 05:04 AM)Dominolan Wrote: I think Wargaming is in a completely different ballpark than games like Crossout and they generally shouldn't be compared. Not only are the vehicles set in stone with unique equipment, there are also things like tiers and types of vehicles to worry about. Crossout's system of ranking parts with different power scores makes matchmaking very simple and easy as it was designed for a game like that. About it being skill dependent - is that not the point of PvP?

I have probably only played half an hour of Crossout, but my impression is that it can easily tier vehicles because vehicle design is fundamentally about DPS/HP--there are few truly specialized weapons/counters. Tiering FTD vehicles in that way is essentially impossible--the strength of a vehicle is not in its components but what you do with them.

As far as skill goes--FTD building is skill-dependent to a far greater degree than any existing arena MMOs I can think of. In a game like Crossout there is a strong element of FPS skill on the battlefield, but unless you design really badly you should be able to at least come close to standing toe-to-toe against anything you get matched against. In FTD, it is common to find pairs of ships in a tournament where one cannot realistically damage the other, even if it has impeccable human control and the other left to the AI.
Allr andask.

(2018-12-07, 01:50 AM)T3hJimmer Wrote: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


It looked like an obvious évolution of FtD MP! But for some reasons it never happened( 

The résult in my environement? >>>>> -3  players for ftd (and -2 others i didn't even present ftd because or it's solo/décorative évolution)

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