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FTD as a MMO PVP Arena Type Game

I just thought of games like Crossout and Robocraft how you can only customize a vehicle so much. Then I thought of From The Depths. Can you imagine having 15v15 naval and tank battles with your own creations? That would be awesome! Tank battles would be especially interesting with the volume limit...

(This is just a thought by the way, I know how impractical this would be.)


Yeah that would be interesting

This would be pretty cool but there would definitely have to be a volume limit. You say 15x15, so 30 people. Given a reasonable volume for a battle is maybe 100k, that means everyone gets like 3.3k per craft which seems pretty doable. The biggest limitation is probably the net code, but this would actually be a pretty good way of stress testing it for more bugs.

Well I didn't know people were interested in this... I thought it would get a lot of bad rep

I think many people have dreamed of some form of viable competitive multiplayer for a while. The big concern I see is balance--FTD is heavily skill-dependent and quite exploitable, and PvP relies either on extensive out-of-game rulesets (typical tournaments) or a gentleman's agreement to not ruin people's fun (casual multiplayer). Any sort of matched PvP would require both dropping/nerfing problematic features justified on the sandbox nature (e.g. warp drives) and tiering on skill (including some sort of anti-sandbagging measures to limit sealclubbing). I agree that an arena game with FTD-level customization would be a blast, but it would require a considerable amount of effort to ensure a pleasant experience. (Compare the perennial frustration with Wargaming's balance and matchmaking, and they are a big-budget company completely dedicated to such game modes with a much smaller set of possibilities to balance.)

I personally probably wouldn't get into any game with an emphasis on first-person control--just not my cup of tea. My pipe dream for FTD multiplayer would probably be a persistent-world strategy game--somewhat like Screeps but with a focus on vehicle design rather than AI optimization. (More concretely, probably a slow-ticking (1-2 ticks per day) turn-based strategy level with options to directly issue orders or generate them with scripts, so that people able to log in daily could play without programming, and players capable of programming could trade off script complexity and frequency of direct overrides.) This is somewhat similar to the campaign I proposed a couple months back, although lack of direct support/balance concerns meant that that proposal still needed considerable administrative oversight (and sadly I abandoned implementation of the server side of that campaign in favor of work on my own game).
Allr andask.

I think Wargaming is in a completely different ballpark than games like Crossout and they generally shouldn't be compared. Not only are the vehicles set in stone with unique equipment, there are also things like tiers and types of vehicles to worry about. Crossout's system of ranking parts with different power scores makes matchmaking very simple and easy as it was designed for a game like that. About it being skill dependent - is that not the point of PvP?

It's also hard to keep sandbox elements in a competitive PVP environment without some meta emerging and dominating, which dumpsters the whole excitement of the sandbox.

As a single player game, FTD shines because you can choose how to limit yourself. Can you beat the campaign with nothing but paddleboats? Sure. Can you compete in an unrestricted PVP battlefield with a paddleboat? Probably not.

Robotech is also a kind of poor analogy because the actual options at your disposal are pretty limited, you do badly in a tier until you grind up enough to get good, then get kicked up to the next tier to suck again. Everybody at competitive tiers is using the same two or three doctrinal strategies. Originality becomes irrelevant if you want to win.

(2018-12-08, 07:35 AM)PualWall Wrote: Robotech is also a kind of poor analogy

What's Robotech?

Sorry, Robocraft.

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