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Battleship Gascogne

Okay, this one is the Big Brother of the Baby battleship I did a while ago. It's not a replica, but it's heavily inspired. And modernized, a bit.

[Image: 7A04154898B01F5123F1BEF298A93049C1282FA3]

Soooo, layout is two quad-500mm turrets, redesigned from Baby Dunkerque, with 4m loaders. Grouping AI, turrets, and part of the engines in the middle reduces the area I need to protect; heavy armor doesn't extend past turrets pits. Inner single hull is light alloy to save weight (it still sits above 14000 tons!), outer is 2 meters plus wood (to reduce HESH spalling) and there is 2 m air gap between the two. Overall, with 165m, this is probably my biggest ship so far. Still, it's not as tanky as I would expect but it can still fight after taking heavy damage.

[Image: DE416960B9BD9100927A75820925112556CFBFC6]

[Image: 1F75F1B3A44541CA2A2154FD8342F4E15A477F0D]

[Image: AE77DDAA7859A5587CCC2330A0B504732F5C03E6]

[Image: 8E0FB7D12C16997939089E8621351714CE707B2B]

I spend some time to give it some proper details: there is a complete battle bridge burried deep inside, the bridge includes a chart space aft, and you can even enter main turrets (there's a door at the back...). I wanted also to include some modern equipment too, like missiles array, decoys, and of course LAMS and shields, so it's more a "modernized" unit than a WWII themed construct. Ho, and I know ther was more space between forward mast and funnel on real Gascogne design, but I wanted to keep it at reasonable length and volume so i kept it a bit " cramped". I could increase length by 8m for additional power and stronger LAMS, though... Hmm...

Combat-wise, it's a bit average considering the cost (440k...): it will give a beating to an Excalibur but don't expect to fight a Thyr with this. Same, the LAMS is a bit weak agaisnt OW godlies, even it will defeat a Bulwark (or any othe OW godly). Still, it can take quite a beating and continue fighting: it went above 500s during qualification test, and turrets were still firing bellow 70% health.

[Image: EE722190812B86474D42157C5A725AB5E937D101]

Arsenal is the usual mutli-purpose layout i use on my capital ships: in addition to the main guns, there are two quad-180mm for AA defence, a hefty load of missile launchers (24 quad-launchers for small missiles! 96 missiles in total!) for AA and saturating other capitals LAMS, four quad-ASROC launchers for ASW and a set of decoys for missiles and torpedoes. Main guns pack some punch, but they lack RoF so it's not an overachiever. Still, the WWII-esque look adds to the drama, and it's pleasant to use and to watch.

So, figures:

length: 164m
Width: 29m
Blocks: 16519
Volume: 39210 m3
Mass: 14271 T
Cost: 440378 RP
Power: 72000 HP

two quad-500mm guns, firing sequence 3xHESH / 1xsmoke-frag / 3xHESH / 1xDC, 30rpm
two quad-180mm guns, time-fused HE, 480rpm
96 radar-guided missiles, small size, about 950m range
16 ASROCs, sonar-guided, medium size

dual-layer, strength-3, shilding
8 quad-launchers for anti-missiles decoys, IR and radar
4 quad-launchers for torpedoes decoys

U/J: accelerate/decelerate
H/K: steer port/starboard
T/G: start shields in laser absorb / reflect mode
O: stop shields

Voilà. Enjoy: Smile

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-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

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