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Need assistance stabilizing my new ship

I've built a new ship, and I went mad with all of the new Steam engine components. I attempted to use the new Steam propellers, but they generate so much force that my ship flies right out of the water at full throttle. I want to stabilize it without too much jank and/or detracting from the original design. I could probably move the propellers up more to be in line with COM, but I have additional dediscrews as propellers too.

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At first sight, I would say that indeed your CoM is too high; lowering a bit your side hulls can help (about 3~4 meters I'd say).

For the moment, we cannot adjust angle of steam propeller shafts, I would consider two options:
-Use regular propellers, mounted on spinblocks: you can adjust spinblock angle so that prop thrust is aligned with CoM (this is what I use on most of my designs)
-Use some active pitch compensation with hydrofoils and PID controller; this will be more effective as the vessel goes faster.

On another subject, i would suggest also you extend a bit your side hulls toward forward: they will act as additional protection for turrets, especially aft one wich is the most exposed.

Hope this will help! Smile
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Yeah hydrofoils + PID is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get your boat level when you have thrust below COM.

I'm probably going to try the active stabilization method. As for the side hulls, they were originally more forward, but I pulled them back because they were getting in the way of my turrets.

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