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Idea: Internal combustion cylinders for steam cranks

(2018-12-05, 09:35 AM)harnas1977 Wrote: I am not sure if alternative size variant of fule engines is needed, but I am not against it.
What I'd like to see is a common shaft for steam, combustion and electric to be used to power propellers and other propulsion/power hungry applications such as paddle wheels or drills.

That's where I was getting with fuel and steam both using the current steam crank. Get to reduce part count without losing functionality. Having that same crank mate with fuel cylinders would let it still work with steam props and the pulley generator for battery power just like they do with steam engines now, only difference would be you get to choose what sort of cylinder makes the crank spin. I mentioned the multiple sizes because I've seen people asking about this, and honestly I wouldn't mind having huge engines with fewer parts for the power. Maybe the current cylinder could be the medium, shrink it for the smaller and have lighter engines for tiny stuff with quick response times, maybe lower block health, and then the larger parts could be heavy clunkers that just gobbed power with slower responsiveness but with the sacrifice of cost and weight. Actual engine size wouldn't necessarily shrink, just fewer individual parts within a given bounding box.

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