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Idea: Internal combustion cylinders for steam cranks

More complex? I don't see how it would be more complex, It would just be hooking a cylinder to the same crank as the steam engine and have it do the same things otherwise. No changes to carb/turbo/super, no changes to what the steam crank does, just be able to choose cylinder type to make it turn. If anything it makes things simpler. No need for fuel engine generator and steam engine gearbox to both exist, no reason for two different types of cranks. Just merge those parts, simple little animated con rod on the fuel cylinder to match the steam cylinder. And since people have been wanting larger engines with fewer part counts, different sizes of cylinder could be made.

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RE: Idea: Internal combustion cylinders for steam cranks - by Teoc - 2018-12-05, 06:28 AM

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