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Nullifying HESH Shells

As the title says, is there any way to completely nullify HESH shells so that no particles spawn on the other end?

ERA would be the obvious answer, though secondary heads can nullify that, so technically, two layers of ERA.

(2018-12-03, 10:55 PM)PualWall Wrote: ERA would be the obvious answer, though secondary heads can nullify that, so technically, two layers of ERA.

I mean squash head. I've been hearing people call shaped charge shells HEAT and squash head HESH so I just went with it.

Right - in that case, an air gap in your armor will do it.

A completely solid vehicle is a defense against HESH, It is also a defense against HEAT. Both of these projectiles will only spawn particles when encountering an air gap. For a solid vehicle, if they have sufficient energy to completely penetrate, will simply spawn those fragments on the opposite side of the vehicle.

Shields and LAMs are pretty efficient hard-counters to HESH.

If using spinblock armor, the spinblock the armor is mounted on should be, ideally, placed as far from the expected impact point as possible and not in line with the expected impact. This prevents the spinblock from being exposed under sustained fire or a single penetrating shot. It also helps avoid the issue where HESH shells will spawn their fragments on the spinblock if the spinblock was roughly in front of the point of impact. The spinblock armor on the HT-A2(T29A3) by Vexnium is a phenomenal example of high quality, highly effective spinblock armor.

Standoff armor (either using beam/struts to for support or using docking stations) is a good defense against HESH, but is usually only visually appealing on larger vehicles or vehicles designed specifically to utilize it.

Not getting hit is generally the best defense. Practically, there are three ways of achieving this:
-Being able to engage faster than the enemy and eliminate their ability to retaliate with the first shot. Modern tank vs tank combat (at least for western crews) is built upon this principal.
-Being able to engage from outside the firing range of the enemy, allowing you to attack them without them being capable of retaliation. This was part of the idea behind the old tank destroyers and forms the basis for standoff AT weapons like the Javelen, Kornet, or Hellfire. It's also why modern tanks generally invest a great deal in their fire control systems, and why the British challenger was originally envisioned as a sniper utilizing a rifled cannon and HESH shells (which do not lose killing power with range)
-Being able to move so fast, or utilize cover in such a way that the enemy is unable to achieve a hit. This principal underpins the tactics behind hull-down and defilade positions. It's why modern tanks generally have a low profile for such heavy and powerful vehicles (most modern tanks average around 8 ft tall.)

Generally i'd say 'the best defense.' is to ensure your vehicle uses a combination of these, a vehicle utilizing shear weight of armor will generally perform poorly compared to a vehicle that is more balanced with a multitude of strengths.
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Also keep in mind that nothing is impenetrable and spending excessive resources making a vehicle "unkillable" is going to backfire. The fact that you can withdraw damaged vehicles and even recover material from despawned ones means losing some in a fight isn't the same as "losing" them.

Hesh particles' ap value is equal to the block that spawns them, making wood the best material for a spall layer. A layer of wood before airgap will ensure the particles' ap be comically low, make them deal tickling damage against your inner amour.

To completely nullify HESH however, you need to leave no gap inside your vehicle for Hesh to spawn. I found this method unrelyable, as in turn it make your vehicle vulnerable to HEAT.
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Actually glass is a better spall liner then wood is it has only 1armor
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


Lets not forget the universal defence of all - offence. Bring a bigger HESH gun or whatever wins the meta,
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Thanks - I figured this much. I didn't know they would pass through blocks that aren't structurally sound though, I thought it would spawn after the armor regardless of air gaps.

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