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Cruiser Clash 3 [Rules set Submissions open and due by March 1st ]

Note: This will be taking place in the stable branch

[Image: h76eHSF.jpg]
You can thank Sov for shoving me into this 

-You can have 1 ship and 1 support vessel whether it is a plane, heli, or ship.
-Ship can be no longer than 150m. Poll decided
-Ship has to be able to deal damage to itself in a 1v1 battle (stolen from T3hJimmer because it's a good rule).
-The ship must be something that could be described as a ship not a floating brick or some other weird shape
-No water skimming boats and a max speed of 30metersps for the ships and 100 m/s for the support vehicle.
-Aim Point but only set on random blocks
-No submarines but things like ironclads are fine
-20 repair bots allowed for the ship and 5 for the support vehicle
-No grav rams
-It must be built in non-devtest
-Leave external factor for shields at the base 1
-Advanced cannons are allowed.
-CRAM cannons are not allowed(cram bombs are allowed on planes)
-Rail guns are allowed.
-All shell types allowed except for Grav rams and Sabot Poll banned sabot
-Ship can only have 30 missiles/torpedoes and 15 for the support vehicle.Small missiles are banned and large missiles are restricted to only 7 for the main vehicle. For the support vehicle you can only have medium(sorry guys but missile spam and lag could cause problems)
-Rams but none on spin blocks.
-Lasers are allowed but no PACs

-Im allowing a total of 6 shield strength, so you could have one layer of strength 6 or 2 of strength 3 and so on (so in theory you cannot have more than 6 strength areas of shielding around your ship)
[Image: wRo5kMH.jpg]
-No shields allowed on turrets or spin blocks
-LAMs are allowed
Banned blocks:
-Light blocks
-Old blocks like old engines and fuel processor
-No warp drives
-Repair tentcal

Allowed structural materials:
-Light metal alloy
-Heavy armor Slopes only
-No helium pumps on a ship
-PID allowed

-Ships can have armored props but no spaces filled with them. 
[Image: EC7A851CFC6C264F486CB95428A9321BE251EBE5]
[Image: 54C5B45D7DD1235F6E45D016AF61C7FADB0F6F57]

-No propellers/jets on spin blocks
-dediblades are allowed on ships but nothing too cheesy and you need to have an output hole out the back of the ship
no spinblocked dediblades on either the ship or the support vehicle

-Ship can use up to 200k resources  and the support vehicle can use up to 15k(tie between 10&20k) resources Polls decided
-You can not give unused ship resources to your support vehicle.
-20k resources in backup for repair and ammo production
-Im using the tournament mod (If I can get it working)
-Resource limited vehicle designer (centralized resources, fixed starting amount)
-Water only map (ProPain Map)
-1000m spawn distance
-Spawn sticks need if you want to change the orientation and height
-Max distance 2000m
-Min altitude -10 for the ship and the support vehicle
-max altitude of 600m
-0.70 detection (Detection required to get a good sight on others)
Victory Conditions:
-Best 2 out of 3
-Winner decided by % health remaining after 5 minutes.
-If both craft are 100% after 5 minutes, the best looking craft wins (my judgement)
-Fleeing from battle for more than 20 seconds will be counted as a loss (Moving away while further than 2 km away).
-Going below the altitude restriction for more than 20 seconds will be counted as a loss.
-Submissions are open until February 1st Due date updated
-You can submit stuff to me through here, The Arena discord server, or PMing me on discord @mania#6379
-If you have any questions just ask me here or on the discord general chat at @mania#6379
-I will record the battles and put them on youtube and link them to here and the discord
-You can send me the ships to review them for rule violations before you finished if you want
-just submit your BPs in this thread with a picture and a description for submissions. (make sure they are on a spawn stick)
-And finally please try to keep minimal block count as I don't want to have to just record a slideshow. (I have a decent computer but i'd rather not try it)
It takes real skill to choke on air, fall up stairs, and trip over compleatly nothing I have that skill...

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