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Starter Ship Scrimmage 5 - Thrifty Threesome [Submissions Close December 20th]

That's gonna be a very short series. XD

I was building a spacecraft for SSS space version and thinking where is the tournament. XD

(2018-12-22, 06:28 AM)Xalinsky Wrote: I was building a spacecraft for SSS space version and thinking where is the tournament. XD

Well I think that will probably be later. XD Haven't actually made a spaceship yet... They'll be interesting methinks since you need to get a battery system for the ion thrusters to work...

#14 Cool designs here! Smile

Ahab uses dediblades for lift? Interesting. I guess it's using it for altitude control. Nice gun!
Ahasuerus is a cool sub. Looks fast! Has lots of small props for control which is kinda expensive.
Agrippa has a serious turret for such a low price vehicle. I think it'll do well.

Bloated Owl looks like an Owl and it's a helium airship. Fun stuff. It has a big gun but it probably goes down pretty fast.
Hammerheas dolphin is a strange sub. Probably not very fast and it has some interesting design decisions. It can jump!
Seaturtle is a cool watertank! Has a serious turret! Scary! Not having hydrofoils is probably a missed opportunity but I like the way it moves.

Phantasm jet looks really cool! Very nice shapes and colors! Interesting ammo choice. Should work well against soft targets.
Shade sub also looks a bit like a plane. Nice missile torps!
Black Dove looks fast. Has a nice mix of missiles and torps. Looks strong to me!

Your skimmer looks really scary Jimmer! Carrigan has lots of rams! It does a lot of damage! Looks cool!
Tassadar is also pretty good looking. Lots of stone and torps. Nice!
Raynor has lots of turrets and decent armor. Not bad! I think it'll be pretty strong. Kinda looks like an animal with 4 legs.

B-499 has autocannons aimed at the ejectors with firing restrictions set to shoot at the right moment. It's lucky if a few shells hit the target doing very little damage but it looks pretty cool in my opinion!

Shrike looks cool! It's fast, has a good gun and looks good too. Nice!
Smash looks like it could hurt!
Party boat is a really fun looking design! The big gun in it makes it one of the most dangerous designs I bet!

Albumen has missiles. Or rather it had missiles. Seems a bit undercooced to me.
Shell is an interesting sub. Bad use of armor but it looks nice. Kinda DWG-ish.
Yolk looks pretty nice and has some serios guns! It can do a lot of damage. Cool!

Fire looks really futuristic. Very cool! Didn't know dediblades can be used that way.
Traitor is a cool looking sub and it looks tough. Can't cause damage. Very pieceful!
Cliva looks fast. Has a nice gun too. I like the color choice! Well painted.

Ekranoplan looks nice. One of the few water skimming planes and it's also a broadsiding plane. Vector thrust too. Very unique!
Parasite is stuck into the boat. Interesting! Smart way to save some mats!
Gunboat looks really cool and it's probably pretty strong with all those guns.

Moth is very spiky! Wouldn't hug! Looks like it hurts a lot!
Shortest Straw has very long torps! Scary!
Harvester is really fast! Crazy boat with crazy paddles! Probably pretty strong.

Cough is a fast plane with a big scary gun. Good design!
Menace looks a bit exposed but it looks like it could cause lots of damage.
Versatility looks like a solid boat with lots of firepower. Nice! Is a bit voletile.

wow, oops, missed submission date. Carried away by one semi-real ship being built. Next time, i hope.
Makes things.
The fastest thing in the universe is sluggish... Years, decades, centuries from star to star.

(2018-12-22, 08:05 PM)Tomson Wrote: Traitor is a cool looking sub and it looks tough. Can't cause damage. Very pieceful!

Traitor feed boat and plane with ammo. Just like kill someone by other hand. yeah~ quite peaceful. OwO

btw, Fire was a very old Scarlet Dawn craft but refit with my personal choice. In my campaign play through, it's using CJEs but a little bit over price.


Fusion started strong but the gunboat has mighty dakka! Very scary boat.

In the Cheap fleet vs Versatility fight something went wrong in round 1. I guess Versatility sunk and got DQd. Sneaky tactic going under the surface all the time. But it looked like it wasn't really intentional.
Looks like my bomber is trying to bomb planes. Forgot to set altitude restrictions. Ooops! That's most of my damage output gone. Sad
Mini BB can barely scratch well armored vehicles. I thought it would be bad but it barely scratched the paint.
Got lucky and won by prettiness... That was close. XD

That Moth bites. Ouch!
Coocked by Eggs seems a little bit undercoocked. I like the Yolk which is a big yellow boat with a nice turret but it just wasn't strong enough. Metal Militia seems pretty strong.

Both Cheap Thrills and The Gate looks really cool! I like them a lot. Very fun match!
Bifronz explodes a bit too easily. No surprize against the shellvomit of the Partyboat. Partyboat's gun is no joke! Wow!
Party boat got instakilled by EMP. Note to myself: always use EMP protection.
Slash finally touched Charonzon and popped it like a balloon. Rams are very scary at this size and they are also fun to watch! Big Grin

Agrippa seems durable but it looks like the Gunboat diplomats concentrated their firepower on it and took out its guns early.

I expected the Kerrigan to cut the Mini BB in half. Would have looked cool. Did lots of damage though. I guess the much heavier BB managed to poke it with its mast causing lots of damage thanks to FtD physics.
Raynor was simply too tough for the BB's autocannons and too fast for the bomber. I expected the Cheap fleet to lose. I'm surprised it managed to win even one match with lots of luck. No such luck this time. Fun match!

Seaturtle got scratched on its shell. With rams! Ouch! Moth is a hungry flyer. Eats all kinds of animals. Fun to watch!

Partyboat can spew big shells like no other and Slash cleans up what's left. Very powerful fleet. Black Doves look great but looking good is not sufficient protection against rammers and APS spammers.

Black Dove vs Fusion was a fight of the cool futuristic fleets. Nice!

Versatility vs AnimalZ was fast with decisive crits. Ouch! Fun stuff!

Mini BB got saved by a crit on the Yolk. Luck again. It got beat up really bad by the Yolk before that turret detonation. Wasn't as lucky in round 2 and got its luck back in round 3.
It almost seems like Cheap fleet would be decent if the bomber would shoot instead of ejecting and the BB would have a bit of armor penetration. Fun match!

Bifronz got a bit confused. Didn't know where up or down is. Somehow all of the Agrippa fleet disappeared while Bifronz was distracting Jimmer. Whichcraft! Very fun and pretty close match! Cool!

I'm starting to wonder if Tomson is a sports commentator IRL...  I always look forward to the battle reviews.

Vehicle Design Theme = Fugly but Functional

Not a commentator. Just trying to comment something interesting... which is close enough I guess. XD Glad you find my comments interesting.

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