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Missile menu has overlapping buttons

i mean if you dont see it in the image. am i doing something wrong? 'reset ui' doesn't seem to fix it and any other resolution then my native one shuts off my monitor so cant be doing that. if you dont see it, the missile menu is a bit, bugged (and only the missile menu). and sadly what im hovering over and few details on isnt what gets selected basically rendering all the new small missiles inaccessible to me right now. wondering fi theirs a quick fix before i make a proper bug report on it.

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Did you have any mods earlier?
They could cause something like this, check your FtD data directory "PROFILE_ROOT\Documents\From The Depths\Mods" and remove any remaining mod files if you have them.

If not removing FtD's core missile directory "STEAM_ROOT\steamapps\common\From The Depths\From_The_Depths_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods\Core_Missile" and downloading again might help.

right ill give that a shot, and nah, i dont have any mods. or shouldent. if i have any by accident itle be that graphics one from before the last graphical update form when i was last playing this game a long while ago. just odd cuz was fine when i FIRST checked out the new update but dont know when the ui got bugged out. but yea, ill give deleting that directory an reinstalling (i mean its a small game i might just backup my craft and reinstall the game for shits n giggles)

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