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Onyx Watch too borring?

(2018-11-16, 07:45 PM)PualWall Wrote: Yeah, I agree with this, mostly - I have noticed that engagements get pretty boring once you hit OW, since you get about 60 seconds of actual combat followed five to ten minutes of rolling RNG.

There's some logic to this - OW is basically a gear check on your designs so that when fighting LH and WF you're not going to get completely wiped out by designs you can't even damage.

But you could make OW ships difficult to kill without making them tedious to sink.  Like other folks have said, having more ammo placed in more places would help.

ammo, at the very least, won't have any affect.  1m steel is sufficient containment for most magazines and more than 1m, as with most castle ships, will totally absorb the damage of even the largest magazines with little to no damage to the vehicle, especially that given large magazines the middle boxes are too far from the walls to deal any damage.

I'd argue that, a solution is to, in fact, make the OW ships MORE durable.  The biggest issue i have with them is that most of the weapons have 1m, maybe 2m of steel armor and many of those blocks are not beams due to the aesthetic shapes  i'm sure it is possible to shave some blocks off internally to up-armor the turrets or to make more of the small secondary weapons proper, below-deck constructs with the turret cap almost entirely armor and the newer heavy barrels. 

That all said, there are a few types of weapons that deal particularly large amounts of damage to them:

-Sabot cannons
-any torpedoes, but particularly the new large ones
-Large caliber APS
-Laser lances and PACs when player aimed for AI sniping (they also tend to deal with the 1 ammo barrel problem much better than other options.)
-melee weapons: removing dead capitols is probably the only legitimate, combat effective use for <500m rapid fire pacs, drills, rams, and the laser cutters, everything else tends to risk the attacker at least as much as the defender.
-top attack munitions, most of these vessels are not nearly as well armored vertically.

generally, there are few places in these vessels with armor more than 2m thick, their armor is the vessel's shear volume compared to the vital components as well as the number of the bulkheads rather than their quality.  What this means is that any weapon that can do one of the following:
-rapidly kill single steel beams (eg sabot MG)
-project damage over a large volume (Frag, HESH, large volume HE, etc)
-High AP, High Alpha linear weapons (lasers/PACs) (flood compartments, and snipe components regardless of armor thickness)

in particular large volume HE can usually touch enough surfaces when detonated internally to deal very close to it's max theoretical damage while the (oddly) light armor stacking doesn't mitigate it as heavily as one might think. The new missiles, for example, will knock massive holes in a kingstead or bulwark
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