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Onyx Watch too borring?

This thread seems to be based on several misunderstandings, and a perspective of building player vehicles for personal taste rather than maximum effectiveness.

Regarding the latter, it is entirely possible to build a boat that will kill a Kingstead in under 60 seconds without even using the more advanced systems such as lasers or PACs. If the player chooses not to build such a vehicle, however, that does not therefore mean that the Kingstead is built wrong. "I don't feel like making something that can easily kill the Kingstead, so please change it so that the things I want to build can kill it faster." We really can't work with that.

For the rest of it, you need to understand that there is a separation between the people who build the campaign vehicles you fight, and the people who implement game balance. Many vehicles, including the Kingstead, were created years ago. At the point where a vehicle is initially created, it is naturally built to operate with the game systems that exist at that time. As game development goes on and things change, various people have to go back and update the older vehicles to adapt to the new systems. This will be done by different people at different times, for different reasons: sometimes a change will break vehicles and cause them to simply not work properly; other times, new systems will make existing vehicles obsolete; and occasionally a thorough overhaul will be done to implement newer design standards and styles or to adhere to changed faction rules. Almost everyone who does this either is or started out as a volunteer from the community, and each different person does things their own way. We even make mistakes from time to time. It is rare that someone fixing a problem now, would know what the original builder of a vehicle had planned for it if they didn't document it thoroughly. The result of all this is that there is no single, great plan for every aspect of a vehicle combining to work a certain way. We can certainly try to do that, but even small changes to a vehicle can have unintended effects, and updates to the game itself will change how different aspects of a design come together to affect the overall experience of fighting against it.

For the player, all this really means is that if you find that you regularly end up with all the weapons stripped from a castle ship and need to spend several minutes pounding it until it dies from low health, it's as much the result of how you play as how it was built. Keep in mind that we who build and maintain the faction vehicles are far more limited in what we can do than the player is, so you can and should try different things if it's not not going as smoothly as you'd like. It's going to be a lot faster to adapt your boat to beat a faction vehicle rather than expecting the vehicles to be changed to match your play style. There's too many different play styles and too few of us to constantly redesign everything.

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