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Onyx Watch too borring?

(2018-11-16, 01:26 AM)BKCXb7 Wrote: I think it's just the way they are built compared to everything else.

The game is balanced in such a way that we have powerful weapons that chew thru everything , so everything dies or is rendered harmless within a few minutes.,things that aren't gets complaint threads posted about them.

The large OW ships are huge blocks of empty metal, break their defenses(missile or  EMP), strip their detection, strip  their guns, than wait.....and wait

There is 2 reasons for this:

AMMO spoofing- they put a few barrels everywhere to keep it from chaining , and since we are stuck with the Ai going for the ammo we have to wait while our craft punch hundreds of holes in them trying to kill every ammo barrel

multiple Ai- they use more Ais than what is needed to keep lucky single shots from killing huge expensive ships, which sets up the problem of them hanging around way longer than they are viable.

The first problem is more telling of a weakness in the Ai/detection system.   If the player knows about ammo spoofing , he can use it against everything and there is nothing they can do, if something else uses ammo spoofing there is nothing the player can do because the Ai always goes for the Ammo. I see alot of people who are annoyed by this lack of control or choice. most of those people want center of mass back which has it own set of problems. The option to choose different weapons going after different things would be  ideal.

The second problem is only seen in the large OW ships, the little ones die just like everything else. I think this was originally done to keep the large OW ships from being captured early on  in the campaign , even though there were plenty of other limitations keeping the player from using them(or wanting to use them) they just cost so much when you scrap them , it kinda becomes an early "remove resource restrictions" strategy to capture one.  

Putting all the AMMO(or more) in one place will make them get disabled faster but won't fix them hanging around after they are no longer viable , the entire core would have to be ammo and the whole thing would disappear once you hit it, would be cool to watch but not very practical.  Removing the redundant Ai or putting them all in one place will, but that open them back up to getting one shot or captured .

Yes, i agree. The problem is that they hang around long after they have lost all guns and detection, just a mountain of armor with AI somewhere in the middle. Although i don't think designs should be created to be hard to capture. I feel that boarding and capturing is currently akin to cheating (cause AI doesn't attack the player) so if the player chooses to board, its his/her choice, no need to have tons of mainframes to prevent that.
Also maybe instead of several small groups of ammo barrels maybe there should 1 huge 1 next to the AI? So that is it chain-reacts, the ship is out? Large OW ships have plenty of armor as it is. If we arrange this armor to cover 1 central point, the ship will still stay quite tough.

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