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I think OW has too much armor and not enough things that explode
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Onyx Watch too borring?

I know that every that every faction has rules that every craft is supposed to follow. OW's ships are supposed to have an "emphasis on durability". But i feel that this idea was taken too far. Some of the OW vessels are little more than lots of metal beams with a few cannons on top. The most striking example is Kingstead. Fighting it takes a really long time, it has at least twice as much blocks(volume) per material as a WF craft of similar class. It has basically no weak points as AI is protected from EMP and hidden beneath tons of armor. The only way i manage to destroy it is by making it go beneath 55% hp, after 80 it often has no cannons left, so it is really just shooting it until it reaches 55% hp. I think that many of the players agree that the one of the greatest things about combat in FTD is when you managed to score some kind of "critical hit" and enemy turret or ammo storage goes boom, making a huge hole in the enemy craft. There is nothing explosive in Kingstead, except for a little ammo as crams don't need much and this ammo is covered in layers upon layers of armor and destroying it won't any serious damage anyway.
My suggestion is: make certain OW ships have more guns at cost of armor, also it wound make sense to replace ammo processors with a lot of barrels because some OW ships have tonns of empty space that we could fill with something, because according to the lore, OW hates to waste (and barrels generate free ammo) and beacause it will make fighting them more exiting than shooting a ship for minutes until it goes under 55% hp.

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