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Three changes I still dislike/don't see the point of them since they were released

I've played this game from the beginning and have experienced quite a lot of changes. Every change took either a little bit of adapting (I.E. from custom to CRAM cannons) or a lot (I.E. the rework of engines). And although I disliked most of these changes at first, I started to see why the changes were made and learned to enjoy them. However, there are three changes made in this game that I still don't use or edit the campaign settings to either help me with them or completely avoid them.

The first change is not necessarily a change that I dislike, but simply don't see the point of it. The detection systems. From what I've read, these changes were supposed to add more variability between crafts. You could make a tiny, long-range artillery craft that is undetectable but precise using different types of detection. This seemed very interesting so I started to test some stuff out without results. When I watched video's explaining how to "hide" small crafts from detection systems, they really did not seem to work at all. I spent a week trying to figure out what I did wrong, testing different designs or not having any detection systems at all, but there was no difference. I just plop the Radar and some gimbal trackers and set the accuracy modifier option to roughly 70% so it has some, but minor impact to the game.

The second change is to the different type of resources. I get why most people prefer it this way, but I REALLY miss the split resources and I wish there was an option to toggle the two mechanics (like generalized and local resources). It just was an interesting, (for me) non-tedious mechanic that you had to take into a count, especially when starting the campaign. Although it was sometimes annoying having like 7m natural and no oil whatsoever (and this was a real issue with this system), I just loved them.

The third change is something that I truly just dislike: the rework of fuel production, especially with generalized resources. I just dislike having to build a flagship/mothership for almost every fleet you make JUST so you can refuel the smaller crafts since the fuel production setup is humongous (for small crafts). I find it so tedious to constantly having to replenish the fuel after/during every fight or having to give the craft 70k fuel. A while back I got a save of the old starting fortress since there was a lot more you could do with it. That fortress came with a little block that was removed from the game; the old Fuel processor block. Some functionality is gone (like usage of recourses or being able to turn them off) but they still produce fuel. Now that this is online, it will probably get patched... But hey, mods exist for a reason Smile

I just wanted to post this to bring some attention to mechanics that I find either tedious or questionable and maybe get some more info or whatever regarding these changes.

EDIT: Apparently, you can't actually place the fuel processors anymore. RIP that. Gotta learn how to mod FTD if I want to keep using them now. Sad

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Three changes I still dislike/don't see the point of them since they were released - by ItsSander - 2018-11-10, 06:24 PM

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