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Happy Holidays Event 2018/2019

Starting to take new ideas and designs for the Holiday Event for Christmas/New Years etc.
The requirements for crafts will be the same as before.
Have Hearthstone, cockpit, no lua, under 10k blocks (25k volume).
Smaller the craft the better to be honest.

So far the idea of another defensive event seems to be the idea but from both sides. Water front on one side, and flat land on the other. So you must defend from both sides, but it also allows for ships and tanks to combat all at the same time. This time it will be a campaign style, so not active instance the entire time, which allows for more random spawns, and longer possible play time. Less pressure on the player early on.

Theme is just the holiday season to New Years. Looking for festive designs, make it interesting to look at or fight. The craft difficulty will remain around Regular difficulty again. So focus more offense than defense.

The Official Discord has #festive_event for sharing and brainstorming. BP will be picked up here. Ideally submissions end... Dec 17th.

Feel free to send in structures/fortresses for the player as well! Even small Christmas trees or igloos for decoration would be nice to have around the base.

Remember have fun! Feel free to bring up possible ideas!
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Christmas Presents
  • Cost: 8720
  • Block count: 493
  • Weapon: 1 x 6 barrel 150mm belt-fed burst turret with (GP GP BB HE HE HE SH) 1m shell
  • Very vulnerable to HESH and HEAT shells

[Image: q6pxcLw.jpg]
[Image: zB7uy49.png]
[Image: EjxBUXR.png]

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