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Happy Holidays Event 2018/2019

Starting to take new ideas and designs for the Holiday Event for Christmas/New Years etc.
The requirements for crafts will be the same as before.
Have Hearthstone, cockpit, no lua, under 10k blocks (25k volume).
Smaller the craft the better to be honest.

So far the idea of another defensive event seems to be the idea but from both sides. Water front on one side, and flat land on the other. So you must defend from both sides, but it also allows for ships and tanks to combat all at the same time. This time it will be a campaign style, so not active instance the entire time, which allows for more random spawns, and longer possible play time. Less pressure on the player early on.

Theme is just the holiday season to New Years. Looking for festive designs, make it interesting to look at or fight. The craft difficulty will remain around Regular difficulty again. So focus more offense than defense.

The Official Discord has #festive_event for sharing and brainstorming. BP will be picked up here. Ideally submissions end... Dec 17th.

Feel free to send in structures/fortresses for the player as well! Even small Christmas trees or igloos for decoration would be nice to have around the base.

Remember have fun! Feel free to bring up possible ideas!
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Christmas Presents
  • Cost: 8720
  • Block count: 493
  • Weapon: 1 x 6 barrel 150mm belt-fed burst turret with (GP GP BB HE HE HE SH) 1m shell
  • Very vulnerable to HESH and HEAT shells

[Image: q6pxcLw.jpg]
[Image: zB7uy49.png]
[Image: EjxBUXR.png]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Present.blueprint (Size: 66.93 KB / Downloads: 15)

Miku MkII

.blueprint   Miku Mk2.blueprint (Size: 73.54 KB / Downloads: 26)
The Miku MkII is a MBT of the 5th Generation. Each of the tanks individually are very vulnerable and can not punish hard.
But they usually operate in platoons with up to 5 tanks and a "Miku MkII UP" command vehicle.
  • Cost: 5992
  • Block count: 351
  • Weapons: 1x 200mm APFSDS-T 2m Shell APS; 1x Autocanon; 1x 18mm AP APS
  • It is super vulnerable at the sides and rear.
[Image: giphy.gif]

Miku MkII UP

.blueprint   Miku Mk2 UP.blueprint (Size: 75.75 KB / Downloads: 16)
The Miku Mk II is a retrofit for the base Miku Mk II to enhance its role as a platoon leader. The autocannon and the 18mm MG were replaced by a 60mm multirole gun. In addition, the communication systems have been improved and an airspace surveillance radar has been installed.
  • Cost: 7408
  • Block count: 372
  • Weapons: 1x 200mm APFSDS-T 2m Shell APS; 1x 60mm HESH APS Autocannon
  • It is super vulnerable at the sides and rear.

[Image: giphy.gif]

The GIF animations are outdated but there were just so small change that I will not make any new ones.
(This is my christmas present to you Hikari)

Once upon a time, there was laughter, joy, and celebration. But that time quickly ended when a mysterious snowman became enraged. Some say a helicopter landed on his head...

Vehicle stats:
7k Materials
2k Fuel
300 Ammo
     Weapons: (@1000m it will fire)
2x Simple Lasers 
2x Small missile gantry pods 
1x Medium missile
     Other info
No shields
No Lua
No repair bots
1x Heart stone

[Image: RdUDonb.png]
                                          (Scary Snowman Head)

Attached Files
.blueprint   Scary Snowman Head.blueprint (Size: 59.54 KB / Downloads: 11)
[Image: gEeRb90.png]
16 Tanks released more to come! Smile

I return, to submit more designs for the event

i'm gonna submit designs in waves, if that's okay

here they are

Attached Files
.blueprint   Krampal.blueprint (Size: 92.67 KB / Downloads: 13)
.blueprint   Kramark.blueprint (Size: 274.5 KB / Downloads: 12)
.blueprint   Kramapult.blueprint (Size: 212.01 KB / Downloads: 11)
.blueprint   Toy Tank mk1.blueprint (Size: 60.08 KB / Downloads: 12)

Heavyweapons Snowman II
  • Cost: 84k
  • Block count: 3k
  • Weapons: Two 357mm 300RPM APS cannons, HPHE shells
  • Strength 2 reflect shields in the front
  • Smoke
  • Radar buoys and flares
  • RTG powered
Despite the defenses, its still super vulnerable Dodgy , especially to CRAM and missiles. Still fun to see it unleash on a target.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=52494]

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.blueprint   Heavyweapons_Snowman.blueprint (Size: 266.93 KB / Downloads: 17)
(2017-07-10, 02:50 AM)Resolas Wrote: Forward broadside is the best broadside Tongue

What would the festive event be without Christmas Trees and Igloos! Tongue

[Image: QCZkxTQ.png]
[Image: rWb9LfR.png]
These trees and igloos were made for the player starting base decor or just for anywhere. Tongue
Igloos are basically player starting storage facilities. They hold your resources while keeping your stuff ice cold!
Gif Url Below

Attached Files
.blueprint   Christmas Tree Decor.blueprint (Size: 54.14 KB / Downloads: 12)
.blueprint   Igloo.blueprint (Size: 48.79 KB / Downloads: 11)
[Image: gEeRb90.png]
16 Tanks released more to come! Smile

  • Cost: 15k
  • Block count: 375
  • Weapons: Rams
  • Hard to hit
  • Steam powered
The weather outside is frightful,  it takes someone truly mischievous to weaponize the snow.    *Piloted by Gremlin*
Its main weakness would be laser fire, or PAC.... or ammo stores inside the enemy, oh and ammo ejectors dumping the whole APS into its face.

It does best against air targets, or land targets.  It can't really handle water very well so it tries for ships last but usually can't do much against them.

[Image: kill_flake.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Kill_Flake.blueprint (Size: 88.12 KB / Downloads: 9)

Im just going to post all of my craft in one post for the sake of its easyer that way =)

étoile en morceaux
Cost - 28,658
Volume - 863
Blocks - 687
A quick little bomber at 160 m/s, its probably best suited early game as the bombs are at half power due to one payload section being replaced with a flare for looks and is built as follows (Var Thruster -> Flare -> Frag -> Act Radar). I know it looks like a gold painted plane but i swear it started life as a very blocky looking star. But as ive seen some other peoples builds also kinda looking like repainted planes, i thought you might be able to mix it in somehow. I think the best place for it is in fleets, such as an assist to either my Kringle Kruzer or my AS_Pine. just thought i might as well put it out there.
[Image: 2018-11-27_22%2B55%2B17.jpg]

étoile en morceaux AA
Cost - 30,128
Volume - 863
Blocks - 696
Honestly the exact same as the first except its more AA focused with small gantry's instead of mediums hosting missiles of (Var Thruster -> Fins x3 -> Fuel x2 -> APN -> Frag x2 ->Turning Thruster -> Frag -> Active Radar) It deals with smaller SS planes and very light ships fairly easy, it could be good as an escort fighter early game and end!
[Image: 2018-12-16_20%2B59%2B27.jpg]

Cost - 96,222
Volume - 4,990
Blocks - 2,860
This is a solid anti naval hovercraft thats shaped like a tree & moves at 70m/s! it can really be used anywhere that has flat ground and is extrodinarily weak to HE or Planes w/ Missiles, but that dosent mean it cant hold its own against them, with a total of 26 simple auto cannons scatted about, most light aircraft wont be alive for long! As for its daca, it has x3 250mm cannons that shoot a shell of (GP -> Flare (green) -> HE -> squash head) and two, large torpedoes (Prop -> Fins x2 -> Fuel -> Ballast -> Frag x2 -> Sonar). It acts like most GT airships where it faces the enemy and slowly backs off, only exposing the front of it to fire. As for defense theres very weak shields scatted about for the sake of extra engine power and Anti Radar/IR missiles that also act as detection systems as well as Anti Sonar torpedoes. although its not incredibley accurate as that is its detection systems are not very good.
[Image: 2018-12-15_19%2B49%2B57.jpg]

Cost - 100,539
Volume - 4,839
Blocks - 2,030
Im just gonna let the pic speak for itself, although now its painted red, and the spikes tend to hit the bottom of the ship, works better with denser ships as wood fights it to much. i was just to lazy to take a new pic =P
[Image: 2018-12-10_23%2B20%2B39.jpg]

Kringle Kruzer
Cost - 399,374
Volume - 13,043
Blocks - 5,752
I think i got a bit carried away with it but it could be cool as a final boss. It was set to have shields and smoke dispensers all around it but the power was allocated to a missile jammer instead as it started to get insane on how good it was and there was extra engine power. im starting to get tired of typing so here is the rundown, 105m/s, 24, large missiles (Var Thruster -> Fins x2 -> Target Prediction Guidance -> Frag x3 -> Active Radar). 1 meter armor shell with heavy covering the bottom of the ammo, top is exposed for missiles, anti missile defense has flare, radar, and the jammer are decent but most missiles hit due to its angle anyway, no anti air so it should be paired with the étoile en morceaux AA to keep it safe. I was going to make a single sleigh model hydrofoil with AA missiles on it but ran out of time =( its also weak to lasers and the "gifts" tent to stop working first. also, make sure is spawns at least 100 meters in the air or the tail will drag on the water and never take off. side note - yes its supposed to fly that low so its easyer to shoot, and so most planes can fly above it, it should be between 450-500 meters but i thought that 333 was more apropriate
EDIT: Literally a small cosmetic to hide the receivers under the flags, i swear i forget the smallest things Tongue
[Image: 2018-12-16_22%2B11%2B59.jpg]

Sea Kruzer
Threw this together quickly and am posting this quickly. only notes is straight line speed is 152m/s but it has heavy thrust vectoring so in battle AVG 120m/s. small shields and it should be spawned in the water as its got props to pull it out and the hydro's are its roll control, so underwater is best spawn! to lazy to say more so just enjoy the looks *<=)
[Image: 2018-12-19_18%2B52%2B37.jpg]

Anyway i hope you can use these somehow and that the KK isn't to good, merry Christmas to all, Big Money over and out *<=)

Attached Files
.blueprint   étoile en morceaux.blueprint (Size: 83.5 KB / Downloads: 9)
.blueprint   étoile en morceaux AA.blueprint (Size: 87.24 KB / Downloads: 11)
.blueprint   AS_Pine.blueprint (Size: 231.41 KB / Downloads: 11)
.blueprint   lego.blueprint (Size: 160.21 KB / Downloads: 9)
.blueprint   Kringle Kruzer.blueprint (Size: 347.07 KB / Downloads: 6)
.blueprint   Sea Kruzer.blueprint (Size: 124.39 KB / Downloads: 12)

Submissions closing soon, a day or two left. I'm not home so it'll be a few days later than the original schedule of today.
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