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What on earth is wrong with this Large Rudder on my ship.

I have discovered the problem after a bit more thorough investigation.
The forces are always applied in a horizontal plane with respect to the center of mass. The horizontal plane is globally horizontal, not with respect to the ship. This means that if the boat has even a slight bit of pitch instability, the forces will affect it in undesired ways, such as rolling it over.

Furthermore ... Having the force from rudders apply always apply on a plane like that is in and of itself is an 'additional trick' to the boat's design, and I would say much more so than even something like stabilization propellers! FTD is a physics driven game, and at the moment, these rudders are the second most unrealistic force-generating part available in the game (after the single-block rudder with its force generated being proportional to vehicle mass), as every other force-applying part applies force at its own location rather than at a phantom location.

It's good to know that this is just weird design rather than a bug, but it's still really weird design.

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