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What on earth is wrong with this Large Rudder on my ship.

If you read patchnotes, you'll discover that large rudder is designed to apply force at CoM's plane, regardless of where they actually placed.
In fact force's applied at globally horizontal plane containing the CoM of vehicle, regardless even of vehicle's tilting. You can test it by placing your spinblock at the end of that stick.
Listing appears if CoM is too high and hull's stability is bad.
In original modded version, there were two sets of rudder blocks. One worked similarly to current ingame version, other created their forces directly from blocks themselves, even if mounted on spinblock. Mixing ow these two allowed vertical balancing of rudder force. Would be good to have both sets ingame.
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@BKCXb7, you're wrong about rudders, these also create magic force. Unlike old rudders (that created force strictly sideways and added to speed), these create force with noticeable forward component depending on rudder block's angle. This simulates correct rudder behaviour well enough, by "cancelling" part of the forward thrust that would be redirected with real rudder. Within game engine limitations, this is best way to do it.
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