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What on earth is wrong with this Large Rudder on my ship.

Had a look on it: smart turret design Smile and this boat is unstable almost to the point of capsizing by design. Yes it has proportions close to real destroyer, but FTD physics is "somewhat" unrealistic, and scales badly with small builds.
Probably you better use old rudder instead, it's weird physics can compensate this, and rework your hull for more stability.
Attached one boat of similar size that was perfectly stable last time i checked.

btw,  Large Rudder's tendency to list the ship to outer side of the turn is actually pretty realistic, despite totally unrelated ingame case of such behaviour. If it lists too much, then your boat is too unstable, not the rudder's broken. And typical destroyer hull even in reality has stability issues. On earliest, smallest destroyers they even were forced to have short funnels and very light balcony instead of superstructure to compensate. And whole hull was built basically out of tin foil.

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Makes things.
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