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Sep/October sprint mega thread continued

All of that sounds great. There's been a lot of excellent changes in this game in recent months.

Are you planning to expand the complex control system to allow more "letters" to be used? It would also be nice if you can use it to send messages to and from ACBs but not respond to the player actually pushing that button. Say I'm using Y to trigger some internal task. I would like to be able to set it so pressing Y on the keyboard manually does not trigger those ACBs in order to prevent something going wrong.

Since you're looking at these things, here's something that's probably a bug: Currently the GP Pitch PID controls hydrofoils, and it shouldn't. Pitch hydrofoils need the ones behind the COM to be upside down in order to work properly, so if you have them all facing the same way pitch control doesn't work. There's a specific hydrofoil pitch PID for this reason.

Also, that "use velocity vector" checkbox in the Aerial AI didn't seem to disable the behavior properly when unchecked. This was true a few versions ago anyway.

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