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Poll: What do you think of the docking station speed limit feature?
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Docking Station Speed Limit Feature

(2018-11-07, 06:29 PM)PualWall Wrote: All the cool and balanced ways to use docking stations aside, being able to undock tacnukes and other extremely cheesy/exploitable subvehicles from an untrackable vehicle is why the speed limit exists.

If there's a better way to balance this, then by all means, let us know.

But why should all the cool and balanced ways be ruined by a few unbalanced methods that there are other ways to fix. For instance having the docking station consume power proportional to the mass of the vessel its pulling to prevent things like fighters pulling battleships. Or have the speed limit of the docking station be based on the mass of the object being pulled. And if you're concerned specifically about tac nukes there could be a restriction that just applies to tac nukes that makes it more difficult to use them in that way. Like for instance if they went with either of the methods i just suggested the tac nuke block could cause the vehicles speed to be lower when restricted or the power consumption to be much higher.

And those aren't the only ways. My point is that the fix for one or two unbalanced things shouldn't restrict a whole range of possibilities, most of which are fair and would be cool designs.

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