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Poll: What do you think of the docking station speed limit feature?
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Docking Station Speed Limit Feature

(2018-11-07, 05:25 AM)PualWall Wrote:
(2018-11-07, 03:33 AM)DARGON606 Wrote: The reason im bringing this up now is because i've just created a new airship and it was supposed to carry a fighter complement and possibly drop a couple tactical nukes

Yeah sorry that doesn't sound like a very balanced use for docking stations on vehicles that do over 30 m/s

Ok given tactical nukes probably isnt the best idea for this, the fighters would be fine. After all there are airships from the other factions that have fighters (IE: Barracuda) its just that they're slow and like i said currently my designs rely on their maneuverability to stay alive.

And thats not the only two uses. There are other things you can use docking stations for. Like for instance i've seen vehicles that have smaller vehicles attached to them that are really just a floating turret in the air near them. IE: Defense outpost from the grey talons, the turrets that hover above Thanatos in the Twin Guard.

And, if im not mistaken, the Novgorod from the Steel Striders carries along the two smaller vessels with it on docking stations.

Ive gone on a bit but my point is there are balanced uses and a multitude of other uses other than what i was going to try using it for. And to be honest if all i wanted to use it for was the tactical nukes i wouldn't be asking for it to be changed because I'd set up a design spawner and a blueprint that is literally just a tactical nuke that would turn on within a certain range of the enemy. But the fighters were more important than the nukes to begin with anyway. I just think that theres probably a much better way to balance this feature after years of limiting our designs with docking stations to 30m/s.

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