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Missile Target Info Question

Hi, i was wondering if it's possible to get the details (specifically, distance.) of the target of a missile Radar/sonar/IR seeker head.

Reason being i'm trying to develop a radar buoy decoy /flare/ sonar buoy decoy killing missile.

I can get most of the way just by putting a seeker head of the right type (radar in this case) on a missile. the missile is attracted to the decoy but just... passes through it without detonating.

I would just use an inteceptor head, but if my target has actual missiles it's probably going to get distracted.
I would use a proximity fuse, but it dosen't trigger on missiles.
I would use the standard TargetInfo, but that's going to be the launching ship, not the decoy missile i'm trying to kill.

So, ideally i'd like to get the distance to the missile's radar target and detonate the missile when within ~10m. is it possible to get this target data with Lua?

I'd be grateful for any help.

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