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Opinions on "template" for tournament rules etc

Was thinking a community decided generic template for laying out tournament rules and information could make tournaments easier to set up as well as easier to follow while designing etc, it would also lessen the chance for mistakes from misinterpretation of certain rules.
My thoughts were that something such as the following layout would be the most efficient. Or if any of you have ideas on a "Default Template" post them and we can see what people like and dont like etc etc

Overview of tourney
-the goal of the tourney etc

-max resources for construction and provided in game

-ai limitations or restrictions  (if any)

-ammo layouts (citadels etc)
-block restrictions (i.e. heaavy armour)
-ai and ammo placement restrictions if any (no ammo and ai at very rear of vehicle)

Engines, steering and propulsion
-engine block restrictions, steering restrictions (for instance jbg rudders do seem to be preferred due to their more natural characteristics), max speed

-max calibers, max number of weapons, if ammo generation is allowed, energy weapons, certain types of shells being restricted (those white flayer shells that send you flying are often disliked and banned)

Other rules
-spinblock Clipping, 10% damage in a mirror match to be allowed entry into tournament, naming format for submissions

Tournament format
-tournament mod settings (so we can test while we build) i.e. spawn distance and orientation etc, scoring and winning requirements

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Opinions on "template" for tournament rules etc - by ChilliganWithGilligan - 2018-10-23, 02:25 AM

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