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How can I lock the AI out of the sail controls?

Hi, I wrote a simple LUA sail control script, which keeps the sails in the right angle and prevents capsizing. But my problem is that I cant set the ship with an AI up since the naval card overwrites my script. So I wanted to ask if there is any possibility to lock the AI out of the sail controls? Because if there is no so I must write my very own tall ship AI, what I don't really want since It takes very long.

You might have to be a little creative about this one... maybe you don't even need the lua for the sails but a combo of acb's?
You might also look into lua propulsion. I don't know for a fact but assume 'I:TellAiThatWeAreTakingControl()' would include all ship propulsion so that could be an avenue as well.

ACBs are great but they are sadly not able to calculate the angle between the wind and the ships forward vector and then turning the masts according to a polynomial function.
Thx for the tip, I will check the propulsion options out.

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