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New Submission: Sea Vulture


.blueprint   Sea Vulture.blueprint (Size: 63.25 KB / Downloads: 55)     GT Equivalent of Shrike instead with missile turrets slung underneath For EASY design Dies violently when hit (Kill it before it kills you) (Is not a threat to take lightly) moves at 90m/s Very efficient engine Has room to add extra design elements change as you want doesn't bother me any
Asus Windows 10 1080P (Decent build quality poor cooling)
i7-7700 3.2 GHZ (Good Enough DO NOT OVERCLOCK)
16GB Crusader RAM (More than enough)
GeForce GTX-1060 3GB (3GB is not enough for large good game-play go with a 1070 8GB Atleast)

If i broke something its not fool proof

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New Submission: Sea Vulture - by Vestromgames - 2018-10-20, 05:19 AM

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