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Starter Ship Scrimmage 4 - Amorous Armor [Finished]

My big tank fire rate could be 4 times faster but I feel too cheesy at that speed. so... Tongue

Nice fight btw. Smile



Lots of small missiles from Seek and Destroy vs mines from Golden chariot. Reliable chip damage vs risky but dangerous. An interesting match but a bit one sided.

Hellcat has very good repairs! It was very useful here for surviving Can-Yee-Roh's attacks and still having rams in the front. I honestly didn't think Rams would be a good choice here but they seem to perform pretty well. They are also fun to watch. Smile Hellcat got a new hat at the end. Brutal! XD

Paper Tigers vs Steel Cactus!? That sounds like animal cruelty! XD The Cactus ate my first tiger like a potato chip. Second tiger barely escaped the jaws of death. In round 2 the second tiger almost escaped. But only almost. The Steel Cactus is mightier than the Paper Tiger. Old chinese saying. It's about hemorrhoids and dieraeha I think. XD

Both Samiel and Brutal are really strong. Machinegun cannons saturating the air with big shells. Wouldn't want to be there!

Dozey's shield continues to be useful. I bet Old Wurmian wants to have a shield like that too!

Not even the Bull can survive a Muenster missile like that without damage, but it didn't stop it. Bull has an impressive gun but its armor is even more impressive. Not quite strong enough to survive forever.

Type 48 got unlucky facing the Shamshirs. They are too small and nimble for most guns. They can also cause a pretty good amunt of damage. Impressive little missile drones!

The Icant did a pretty good job at killing one of the Warriors.Got it to pretty low health but unfortunately for the Icant there are 2 Warriors. No fair! Having 2 tanks is cheating. XD



Wow, props to the cactus' designer. That thing works marvellous Smile


(There is) A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
-Ecclesiastes 3:3

Dozey is a dangerous enemy! The shield might be its main attraction but it has other strengts too. Can-Yee-Roh is no weakling either. Especially if it hits a critical spot.

The giant mine of Golden Chariot is a neat idea. But its lack of range is a problem against long range opponents. Would work better against enemies that want to get close. The Muenster missiles are also kinda Clumsy at hitting moving targets. They are most effective if the opponent drives over them. XD

Samiel's strong armor and fast rate of fire is pretty good against the small shashirs. Very fun battle! Fun to watch the little drones fight the big heavy tank.They have proven that a well placed missile can take out Samiel.

Thanks for spawning the Tigers facing! I didn't pay attention when I made the spawnstick.
The Warriors stomped my Tigers. My tanks had slow shells and soft armor. Not a good mix against small fast targets shooting frags. Ouch! Good fight!

Can-Yee-Roh ran into the mines and really didn't like it. Didn't like muenster missiles in the face either. XD Ouch!

Samiel's gun is impressive! Beltfeds are pretty good if done right! And its armor is too tough for frag. A lucky matchup for Samiel.

Hellcat tried hard but it just couldn't catch up to the Seek and Destroy. I think Jimmer's Muenster tried to do something similar but with much bigger and lazier missiles. It was almost satisfying to see Hellcat catching up. Unfortunately it simply didn!t have enough momentum left to cause damage.

The Cactus is more brutal than the Brutal. Wow! Getting close to it is a bad idea!



great tournament with strong combatants and unexpected turn of events. Can't wait for your future tournament Jimmer!
nice signature

Here's Seek and Destroy, and the design Steel Cactus is based on. Also the large missile design I almost went with, to keep them all in one place.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Seek and Destroy by MrNukealizer.blueprint (Size: 72.22 KB / Downloads: 9)
.blueprint   Blender 2.blueprint (Size: 126.74 KB / Downloads: 11)
.blueprint   Death Magnetic by MrNukealizer.blueprint (Size: 72.36 KB / Downloads: 10)

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