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The Heavy Tank Variants of the mark 5

1) This thing is too big. I won't recommend building tanks higher than 6 meters.
2) Armour is too thin. Even on HA version.
3) Tank this big should not be made out of HA. Try and use armour stacking instead.
4) lots of internal space = one-shot from CRAM/HESH shells.
5) Vital components are not armoured enough (internal part of the turret, the front of turret cap, AI etc)
6) Bad neighbourhood of Ai, ammo and engine. This part is literally a magnet for any enemy`s attacks.
7) The gun is a little bit on the overkill side.
All in all this time you already have made good progress. I`m looking forward to see your future projects.
"Stay alive, stay active, and get as much practice as you can." - Francis Albert Sinatra

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