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The Heavy Tank Variants of the mark 5

This tank has two versions one entirely made of Heavy armor( costing at 50k), and a only Front plate Heavy armor and the rest is metal (costing close to 32k materials). 

They now have a fuel engine making 2400 hp (Over kill yes, but It never hurts to have more horsepower than needed) 

- It carries 2900 ammo, 32k fuel, and 10900 resource.
- they dont carry any repair bot or tentacles.
- the front plate has spaces of 1m between plates so it more HESH resistant than the mark 5
[Image: LBzRESs.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   HTM 4_3.blueprint (Size: 129.56 KB / Downloads: 23)
.blueprint   SHTM 4_2.blueprint (Size: 128.97 KB / Downloads: 23)
I build for building not efficiency, just add more cannons an it will work

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The Heavy Tank Variants of the mark 5 - by Cuaq - 2018-10-08, 09:09 AM

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